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'The Drapier's [i.e., Draper's, Cloth-Merchant's] Letters,' in which Swift aroused the country to successful resistance against a very unprincipled piece of political jobbery whereby a certain Englishman was to be allowed to issue a debased copper coinage at enormous profit to himself but to the certain disaster of Ireland.
He was thought a good administrator, and it was often a question of making him mayor of Alencon; but the memory of his underhand jobbery still clung to him, and he was never received at the prefecture.
jobbery was suspected by the malicious; perhaps because it was indisputable that if the adherence of the immortal Enemy of Mankind could have been secured by a job, the Barnacles would have jobbed him--for the good of the country, for the good of the country.
You know, and you know that I know just what jobbery was done in the building trades' strike last fall, who put up the money, who did the work, and who profited by it." (Brentwood flushed darkly.) "But we are all tarred with the same brush, and the best thing for us to do is to leave morality out of it.
The elements like corruption, rubber stamp and jobbery are leading our society towards dangerous hotspot.
When they failed to administer the tribal areas properly, the British started subjugating the populace by a divide-and-rule policy, intense oppression, unjust tyranny along with spreading the vicious evils of injustice, nepotism, bribery and jobbery. Therefore containing all these contours, the FCR turned into a 'draconian law' where there is no personal freedom or freedom of dissent.
Even in one language, English, these include, for example, backhander, bribery, exploitation, extortion, fiddling, fraud, graft, nepotism, jobbery, payola, profiteering, racketeering, and skimming.
The only home grown commodities were corruption, jobbery, nepotism and lust.
Enter in the equation a party that is known for its rather un-envious attributes: incompetence, inefficiency, ineptitude, corruption, nepotism and jobbery. Oh and also a kitty of forty-odd seats at the least.
But, as hatred now deservedly recompenses hatred, as humans invalided in the backyards of insensate jobbery of politics have accessed the control rooms to release destruction levers, we lament the spilling of the milk, while in the looseness of our conducts and lascivious hedonism of perverse leadership, we release its glass jar upon the rocks!
Such jobbery does not, however, detract from Roberts's ability as a soldier who endeared himself to his men or as a reformer.
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