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Corruption among public officials.

[From job.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the practice of making private profit out of a public office; corruption or graft


(ˈdʒɒb ə ri)

the carrying on of public or official business for the sake of improper private gain.


 gobs; small pieces of work collectively.
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Noun1.jobbery - corruptness among public officials
corruption, corruptness - lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain


[ˈdʒɒbərɪ] N (Brit) → intrigas fpl, chanchullos mpl
piece of jobberyintriga f, chanchullo m
by a piece of jobberypor enchufe


nSchiebung f, → Amtsmissbrauch m
References in classic literature ?
Draper's, Cloth-Merchant's] Letters,' in which Swift aroused the country to successful resistance against a very unprincipled piece of political jobbery whereby a certain Englishman was to be allowed to issue a debased copper coinage at enormous profit to himself but to the certain disaster of Ireland.
He was thought a good administrator, and it was often a question of making him mayor of Alencon; but the memory of his underhand jobbery still clung to him, and he was never received at the prefecture.
jobbery was suspected by the malicious; perhaps because it was indisputable that if the adherence of the immortal Enemy of Mankind could have been secured by a job, the Barnacles would have jobbed him--for the good of the country, for the good of the country.
You know, and you know that I know just what jobbery was done in the building trades' strike last fall, who put up the money, who did the work, and who profited by it.
Such jobbery does not, however, detract from Roberts's ability as a soldier who endeared himself to his men or as a reformer.
He is the ex-president of the board of BTA Bank, Roman Solodchenko, accused of unlawful appropriation of property and jobbery in several countries.
ISLAMABAD -- Nepotism and irregularities ruling in the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) as extension of temporary employees matters is being dealing under the evil of nepotism and jobbery.
Even before the Objective Resolution, the promulgation of Public Representative Offices Disqualification Act (PRODA) in January 1949, targeted against 'misconduct', 'malpractices' and misuse of power by some of the public representatives, which included 'bribery, jobbery, corruption, favoritism, nepotism, willful maladministration etc.
Yet they remain steeped in all forms of corruption: bribery, jobbery, favoritism, nepotism, taking massive loans from banks and having them written off, ad infinitum.
According to Boutelle, if the rumors had any foundation, it was self-evident that they "must be run down amongst the class in the community that would be most likely to be engaged in gambling jobbery on the smaller scale.
In his address before the Constituent Assembly on 11th August 1947, he vowed to fight corruption, bribery and black marketing, and asseverated not to tolerate jobbery and nepotism.