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job 1

a. A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one's trade, occupation, or profession: Her job is doing drug research.
b. A position of employment: How many jobs are open at the factory?
a. A task that must be done: Let's finish this job before we start another.
b. A specified duty or responsibility: Your job is to watch the kids while we're away. See Synonyms at task.
c. Informal A difficult or strenuous task: It's a real job getting people to help out at these events.
a. A specific piece of work to be done for a set fee: an expensive repair job.
b. The object to be worked on: Those overgrown shrubs are a big job.
c. Something resulting from or produced by work: I like the job they did on those shrubs.
4. An operation done to improve one's appearance, or the result of such an operation. Often used in combination: a face job.
5. Computers A program application that may consist of several steps but is performed as a single logical unit.
6. Informal A state of affairs: Their marriage was a bad job from the start. It's a good job that we left early to avoid the traffic.
7. Informal A criminal act, especially a robbery: a bank job.
8. Informal An example of a specified type, especially of something made or constructed. Often used in combination: a new building that is just another glass and steel job; a cowboy hat that is one of those ten-gallon jobs.
v. jobbed, job·bing, jobs
1. To work at odd jobs.
2. To work by the piece.
3. To act as a jobber.
1. To purchase (merchandise) from manufacturers and sell it to retailers.
2. To arrange for (contracted work) to be done in portions by others; subcontract.
3. To transact (official business) dishonestly for private profit.
do a job on
1. To damage, harm, or worsen: The stylist did a real job on my hair.
2. To defecate on.
on the job
1. Paying close attention; on the alert.
2. At work; at one's place of business: Employees are not allowed to smoke while on the job.

[Perhaps from obsolete jobbe, piece, alteration of Middle English gobbe, lump; see gob1.]

job 2

 (jŏb) Chiefly Southern
tr. & intr.v. jobbed, job·bing, jobs
To jab or make a jab.
A jab.

[Middle English jobben, of imitative origin.]

Job 1

In the Bible, an upright man whose faith in God survived the test of repeated calamities.

[Hebrew 'iyyôb; see ʔb in Semitic roots.]

Job 2

See Table at Bible.

[After Job.]
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adj (prenominal)
working on occasional jobs or by the piece rather than in a regular job: a jobbing gardener.
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A. ADJ (Brit) [gardener, carpenter] → que trabaja a destajo, destajista
jobbing printerimpresor m de circulares, folletos
B. N (St Ex) → agiotaje m
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[ˈdʒɒbɪŋ] adj (British) [workman] → à la tâche, à la journéejob centre Jobcentre [ˈdʒɒbsɛntə] n (British)ANPE f, Agence f nationale pour l'emploijob club n (British)club m d'entraide pour chômeursjob creation ncréation f d'emploisjob creation scheme nplan m de création d'emploisjob description ndescription f de postejob hunt job search nrecherche f d'emploijob hunting nchasse f à l'emploijob interview nentretien m d'embauche
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adjGelegenheits-; jobbing worker/actorGelegenheitsarbeiter(in) m(f)/-schauspieler m
(= casual work)Gelegenheitsarbeit f
(St Ex) → Börsen- or Effektenhandel m
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[ˈdʒɒbɪŋ] adj (Brit) (worker, gardener) → a cottimo
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This article takes a look at Smith's career and how his leadership has helped propel MBAF into the jobbing foundry market.
This was Smith's first introduction to the jobbing foundry environment as well as to aluminum casting as Hiler cast both it and copper-base components.
In the early 1980s, the ductile and gray iron jobbing shop was confronted with the same problem that faced many similar operations: customers were few and far-between.