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1. Given to joking; merry.
2. Characterized by joking; humorous.

[Latin iocōsus, from iocus, joke; see yek- in Indo-European roots.]

jo·cose′ly adv.
jo·cose′ness, jo·cos′i·ty (-kŏs′ĭ-tē) n.


1. the habit of joking or jesting.
2. a joke or a jest.
3. the state or quality of humorousness or playfulness. — jocose, adj.
See also: Humor
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Noun1.jocosity - fun characterized by humor
fun, sport, play - verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously); "he became a figure of fun"; "he said it in sport"
2.jocosity - the trait of merry jokingjocosity - the trait of merry joking    
levity - a manner lacking seriousness


References in classic literature ?
His features were not naturally intended to wear a smiling aspect, but he was in general rather given to professional jocosity. His step was elastic, and his face betokened inward pleasantry, as he advanced to Mr.
Decision, salubrity, jocosity, prosperity, seem to hover within his call; he is evidently a practical man, but the idea in his case, has undefined and mysterious boundaries, which invite the imagination to bestir itself on his behalf.
A non-exhaustive smattering of additional possible spokes are crudeness, nostalgia, mercurial nature, callosity, slave to fashion, emotional and social intelligences, forcibility, mansuetude, proneness to alfresco, arrogance, delusional self-concept, jocosity, Type A personality, defense mechanism usage, impostorism, ataraxia, verbosity, venality, cowardice, Machiavellianism, level headedness, daftness, daredeviltry, intemperance, vainglory, psychopathy, depression, narcolepsy, haughtiness, susceptibility to hypnosis, pushiness, boorishness, fretfulness, ad infinitum.
The term Qu Yuan wrote was (humor) meaning "quiet." Further early uses of the idea include the term (jocosity) in the (Book of Songs).
Seriousness of purpose underlies the jocosity: a verbal riposte, like Don Carlos's San Tome mine in Nostromo, the vindication of the father by the son is an affaire d'honneur.