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Noun1.jocote - common tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit
mombin - purplish tropical fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
genus Spondias, Spondias - tropical trees having one-seeded fruit
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In the first group includes three jocotes de corona (small, intermediate and big), at the second group, one big jocote de corona and one purple jocote, in the third group the rest of population was included.
The regional fruits of the Northeast are: acerola, banana-nanica, cooking banana, cacao, caja, cajarana, jocote, coconut, dende, breadfruit, soursop, jua, papaya, passion fruit, pitomba, sapoti, tamarind and umbu.
It is possible that Calam Buff appears as far east as Barton Ramie under Jocote Orange-Brown: Ambergris Variety ([103]: 67, Figure 20a), although this variety is dated to the Early Jenney Creek (Early Mamom) phase.
Schieber, "Characterization of phenolic compounds in jocote (Spondias purpurea L.) peels by ultra high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry," Food Research International, vol.
First, the jocote jam, which is actually the sineguelas found in Mexico (the original fruit that came from Mexico during the Spanish era); second, local Philippine sineguelas, found in Siaton, Negros Oriental.