jodhpur boot

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Noun1.jodhpur boot - a short riding boot that fastens with a buckle at the side
riding boot - a boot without laces that is worn for riding horses; part of a riding habit
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A great jodhpur boot is a classic, wearable with almost Team with a pretty dress and an alternative take on this riding shoe.
Eagle-eyed fans have seen 007 strutting his stuff in SPECTRE wearing Crockett and Jones Tetbury Jodhpur boots, handcrafted in Northampton and costing PS380 per pair.
When I was at one of the agricultural shows this year, I also ended up buying some little jodhpur boots by the same maker - my "going out" boots - and I haven't been disappointed.
The group's Nottinghamshirebased parent TSS&P is now focusing on delivering orders of Loveday's Loveson and FAL Pro ranges of rugs, jodhpur boots and chaps, which it says had been "held up in the docks because of the administration".
We were sent to get our jodhpur boots at Quant's; every apprentice where I was serving my time had a pair of boots from there and a pair of breeches from Golding's.