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The main items of export in knitwear from Pakistan are elegant men's T-shirts, fancy ladies T-shirts with exquisite embroidery and sequined work, night shirts for ladies and men's pyjamas sets and sportswear and jogging suit and boxer sets.
He said: "It would still be dark and I'd be greeted by him in his jogging suit working out.
He also added that since the trend of the smart balance wheels started, he noticed people who would usually gear up for a run, were now still in their jogging suit, but rather than jogging were just roaming around with their balance wheels.
The judge set a sentencing time frame and Garrod, unshaven and dressed in a light grey jogging suit, was then led away by a custody officer.
The burglar is described as a white man with a light-brown goatee and mustache, wearing a baseball cap and a jogging suit.
Davies, with short cropped hair, and wearing a grey jogging suit, poke only to confirm his name.
Timothy Jackson, 48, made a further appearance before a judge at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday dressed in a light grey jogging suit.
He changed into a plain prison jogging suit then chose a sandwich from the jail's six-item menu.
Sure, a jacket and slacks might be less comfortable than a jogging suit, but it is not something anyone has to worry about.
The suspect is described as a white male, in his mid-twenties with a shaven head and was wearing a grey jogging suit with a blue trim on the hood.
On various matters 70ish man in grey towelling jogging suit to his daughter helping him shop: "It's the price of Pernod that's worrying me, love.
Armed with the magic of a long-term marriage, she can read her spouse's very thoughts--well enough to understand, say, that his simple request for a "cantilever of light" means he wants his velour jogging suit.