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* A black man in his late teens with short hair wearing a black jogging suit.
They also discovered a needle on the driver's floorboard, a green pill bottle with white powder in the glove compartment and a pipe with white residue inside Mama June's jogging suit pocket.
The main items of export in knitwear from Pakistan are elegant men's T-shirts, fancy ladies T-shirts with exquisite embroidery and sequined work, night shirts for ladies and men's pyjama sets, sportswear and jogging suit, trousers, bed sheets knitted and socks.
GET PEPPED UP AT POUNDLAND CHECK out this cool jogging suit from Poundland's fashion range Pep & Co.
He was decked out in a full jogging suit, making his way indomitably toward the hotel.
Having taken the acclaim of the fans himself after his biggest result as Rangers manager, Gerrard had changed out of his club suit and brogues and was making his way out of the stadium in jogging suit and trainers when he offered his impromptu opinion.
"The first male suspect was wearing a grey jogging suit and is described as 5ft10 ins with short dark hair.
Avery was drawn to a woman in a purple velour jogging suit enthusiastically shaking a tambourine.
He said: "It would still be dark and I'd be greeted by him in his jogging suit working out.
He also added that since the trend of the smart balance wheels started, he noticed people who would usually gear up for a run, were now still in their jogging suit, but rather than jogging were just roaming around with their balance wheels.
The burglar is described as a white man with a light-brown goatee and mustache, wearing a baseball cap and a jogging suit.