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Before lowering the boat for the chase, the upper end of the line is taken aft from the tub, and passing round the logger-head there, is again carried forward the entire length of the boat, resting crosswise upon the loom or handle of every man's oar, so that it jogs against his wrist in rowing; and also passing between the men, as they alternately sit at the opposite gunwales, to the leaded chocks or grooves in the extreme pointed prow of the boat, where a wooden pin or skewer the size of a common quill, prevents it from slipping out.
You'd just better tie up to Thomas, for he loves you and you love him and nothing else ain't going to do you.' Jog along, black mare.
'Then he must have a hint of it,' said Wegg, 'and a strong one that'll jog his terrors a bit.
But of men--I have known one man indifferent well for over forty years, have exulted in him (odd to think of it), shuddered at him, wearied of him, been willing (God forgive me) to jog along with him tolerantly long after I have found him out; I know something of men, and, on my soul, boy, I believe I am wronging you.
We learn to put our feelings back into ourselves, and to jog on with our duties as patiently as may be.
TOM dodged hither and thither through lanes until he was well out of the track of returning scholars, and then fell into a moody jog. He crossed a small "branch" two or three times, because of a prevailing juvenile superstition that to cross water baffled pursuit.
On they jog, with equal pace, through the verdant meadows or over the barren heath, their horses measuring four miles and a half per hour with the utmost exactness; the eyes of the beast and of his master being alike directed forwards, and employed in contemplating the same objects in the same manner.
Dog Jog, which encourages owners to get fit and have fun with their four-legged friends, is set to take place at Albert Park on Sunday, October 21.
He said that he regularly jogs in the area because his accommodation is in the same district "where I have resided since I came here in 1988."
FORMER Kildare footballer Willie McCreery is looking forward to jogging a couple of laps of Naas racecourse as part of the inaugural Jog For Jockeys a week today.
If you jog at 5 miles per hour for 30 minutes, you will burn about 10 to 20 more calories than if you walk at 3.5 miles per hour for one hour.