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 (go͞ot′n-bûrg′), Johann or Johannes 1400?-1468?
German printer whose Bible (c. 1455), produced by means of movable type, transformed European society by demonstrating the advantages of the printed word in making information available to large numbers of people.


(dʒəʊˈhæniːz) or


n, pl -nes
a Portuguese gold coin minted in the early 18th century
[C18: after Joannes (King John V) of Portugal, whose name was inscribed on the coin]
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And the names that be upon their tombs, even unto this time, are Johannes Smithianus, Trumps, Gift, High, and Low, Jack, and The Game.
And above all the voices, that of Johannes de Molendino was audible, piercing the uproar like the fife's derisive serenade: "Commence instantly
And when the jeweller Johannes had just paid you 40,000 francs for the diamond I had given you, and you killed him to get the diamond and the money both, was that also poverty?
European Commissioner Johannes Hahn estimates that the Law on Languages is a reasonable request however mentioned that it is not part of the priorities that Brussels asks of Macedonia and on its integrative path to EU.
THE O'Briens made the Melbourne Cup a family affair as son Joseph's Rekindling overhauled father Aidan's Johannes Vermeer to spearhead an Irish 1-2-3 in the 'the race that stops a nation'.
AIDAN O'BRIEN has assigned Caulfield Group 1 targets for Johannes Vermeer and Taj Mahal in Melbourne later this month.
Les deux parties ont revu leurs copies, et c'est justement ce que le commissaire europeen a l'elargissement et a la politique europeenne de voisinage, Johannes Hahn, est venu evoquer a Tunis, devant un gouvernement qui cherche desesperement de l'oxygene, surtout apres le rude coup porte par l'agence Moody's.
AccordingA to TASS, Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn told this in an interview to Suddeutsche Zeitung.
Dr Johannes HEIDENHAIN GmbH company reported on Thursday the election of David Doyle as president and managing director of HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION.
In Search of Truth': Augustine, Manichaeism and Other Gnosticism: Studies for Johannes van Oort at Sixty (reprint, 2011)
Ulrik lives with his son, Johannes (Mikkel Boe Folsgaard), a canning factory worker.
THIS week, I have mostly been thinking about Johannes Haushofer - a professor at Princeton University who has has garnered worldwide attention after publishing a CV of his failures.