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I was out with a buddy in a johnboat during a Mississippi Delta flood.
A friend I fished with years ago had a 14-foot johnboat for flats fishing on Florida Bay.
Additionally, the resort offers Johnboat rentals and pedal boat rentals at low prices for those who want to venture a littler further from the shore.
But when we picked up the decoys, the flat-bottomed johnboat would slide on top of the ice so we had to jump on the bow and rock it to break a path to each decoy.
"Two guys in a johnboat with a bomb managed to nearly destroy the Cole," Jones said.
The day the johnboat went up the mountain; stories from my twenty years in South Carolina maritime archaeology.
Andy went out to his 12-foot johnboat and two canoes; he cut a few short spruces to serve as crossbeams, then lashed the boats together into a makeshift pontoon.
I often fish and bowfish the bayou behind my house out of my little, 14-foot johnboat but had no idea there was a fish this large in the area.
NO MORE THAN 15 minutes after we launched the 18-foot johnboat, an alligator's red eyes flashed in the beam of our high-powered spotlight.