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john boat

 (jŏn′bōt′) or john·boat (jŏn′bōt′)
Variants of jon boat.

jon boat

or jon·boat also john boat or john·boat  (jŏn′bōt′)
A small flatbottom boat with square ends, used on shallow waterways.

[Probably alteration (influenced by the name Jon) of joe boat, variant spelling of jow boat, perhaps from Scots jow, to move with a rocking motion, from Middle English jollen, to stagger, knock, variant of chollen, to strike, perhaps from chavel, chaule, cheek; see jowl1.]


a small flat-bottomed boat


or john′ boat`,

a light, square-ended, flat-bottomed skiff.
[1900–05, Amer.; probably John (the given name) + boat]
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The next morning found us in a dark johnboat navigating through the flooded timber to the hum of an outboard motor.
But when we picked up the decoys, the flat-bottomed johnboat would slide on top of the ice so we had to jump on the bow and rock it to break a path to each decoy.
Yacht: a boat with an inboard motor that is more than 50 feet long and is used mainly for pleasure or recreation All other: canoe, dinghy, dory, johnboat, kayak, lifeboat, paddleboat, rowboat, skull, skiff, etc.
We rowed his johnboat in from a side canal off of Kirkman Road (no such access now.
Two guys in a johnboat with a bomb managed to nearly destroy the Cole," Jones said.
The day the johnboat went up the mountain; stories from my twenty years in South Carolina maritime archaeology.
I often fish and bowfish the bayou behind my house out of my little, 14-foot johnboat but had no idea there was a fish this large in the area.
NO MORE THAN 15 minutes after we launched the 18-foot johnboat, an alligator's red eyes flashed in the beam of our high-powered spotlight.
Wood, seeking to build a durable, quality boat, something more reliable than the traditional clunky, flat-bottomed johnboat, chose fiberglass as his material.
Early mornings draw me to the beaver pond, coffee cup in hand, with a promise to myself-after breakfast and dishes and chores, the day will find me standing in the little johnboat, pushing myself along like a gondolier.
For instance: A thematic duck hunting display could feature either a small blind or a johnboat with a mannequin dressed and equipped to the teeth with every piece of duck hunting clothing and paraphernalia you can muster.
Keeping baits alive in buckets has likewise evolved from simply changing out the water, to oxygen tabs, to aerators, and of course just about all vessels larger than a johnboat come equipped with built-in livewells.