join battle

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Verb1.join battle - engage in a conflict; "The battle over health care reform was joined"
fight, struggle, contend - be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight; "the tribesmen fought each other"; "Siblings are always fighting"; "Militant groups are contending for control of the country"
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And to make this quite clear I say that I consider those who are able to support themselves by their own resources who can, either by abundance of men or money, raise a sufficient army to join battle against any one who comes to attack them; and I consider those always to have need of others who cannot show themselves against the enemy in the field, but are forced to defend themselves by sheltering behind walls.
Urge on the other Achaeans, that we may join battle at once, for the Trojans have trampled upon their covenants.
When the Achaeans are in full fight with the Trojans, you shall see, if you care to do so, that the father of Telemachus will join battle with the foremost of them.
In the meantime, the army's experienced soldiers that had participated in battle against ISIL in Hajar al-Aswad and in Southern Damascus and Hawz Yarmouk in Southwestern Dara'a have also been dispatched to Toloul al-Safa to join battle against ISIL.
The post US, British citizens join battle against Turkey in Afrin appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Aden, Rabi'II 23, 1439, January 10, 2018, SPA -- Al-Houthi Militias are recruiting children from tribes and families from districts that are still under Al-Houthi control by using force and intimidation to join battle fronts and face their inevitable death, only to serve Iran's agendas.
The favourite still ranged up two furlongs out to join battle and even look the likelier winner.
JOIN BATTLE recuperating at a Mumbai hospital, after fracturing his leg in December.
FORMER commanders urged the Army yesterday to stick to its tough training methods as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon cleared the way for women to join battle units in 2016.
Ignoring the dissenting views of nearly all opposition MPs, Harper's Conservatives have committed this country to join battle against the (incontrovertibly heinous) Islamic State, a group that is widely seen as the spawn of imperialist machinations in Iraq.
HUNDREDS JOIN BATTLE A Viking raid on Lindisfarne to steal the Lindisfarne Gospels is among spectacular events on Holy Island