join up

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join up

vb (adverb)
1. (intr) to become a member of a military or other organization; enlist
2. (often foll by with) to unite or connect
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join up

To form separate aircraft or groups of aircraft into a specific formation.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
يلتَحِق بالجَيْش
vstoupit do armády
melde sig
ganga í her
asker olmakorduya girmek

w>join up

(Brit Mil) → Soldat werden, zum Militär gehen
(= meet: roads etc) → sich treffen, aufeinanderstoßen; (= join forces)sich zusammenschließen, sich zusammentun (inf)
vt sep(miteinander) verbinden
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(dʒoin) verb
1. (often with up, ~on etc) to put together or connect. The electrician joined the wires (up) wrongly; You must join this piece (on) to that piece; He joined the two stories together to make a play; The island is joined to the mainland by a sandbank at low tide.
2. to connect (two points) eg by a line, as in geometry. Join point A to point B.
3. to become a member of (a group). Join our club!
4. (sometimes with up) to meet and come together (with). This lane joins the main road; Do you know where the two rivers join?; They joined up with us for the remainder of the holiday.
5. to come into the company of. I'll join you later in the restaurant.
a place where two things are joined. You can hardly see the joins in the material.
join forces
to come together for united work or action. We would do better if we joined forces (with each other).
join hands
to clasp one another's hands (eg for dancing). Join hands with your partner; They joined hands in a ring.
join in
to take part (in). We're playing a game – do join in!; He would not join in the game.
join up
to become a member of an armed force. He joined up in 1940.
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It looks like most Western armies are having trouble getting enough people to join up. However, the French Foreign Legion has never had any trouble attracting enough people even though they only take 10 per cent of those trying to join.
A shortage of recruits, partly due to potential applicants being put off by the Iraq war, has forced the Army to relax its rules and allow the clinically obese to join up.