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Noun1.joint author - a writer who collaborates with others in writing something
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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If it is necessary to exclude from joint authorship status certain contributors, such as the case of typical editors,(106) who may satisfy the requirements of sufficient contribution and intent to merge, a safer basis for such exclusion would be that neither contributor intends one of them to be a joint author.
He became later an ethnologist of the Bureau of American Ethnology and with Alice Cunningham Fletcher, who adopted him as her son, was joint author of The Omaha Tribe (1911).
I have championed innovation through my calibration work of Eurocode 2, some of the proposals from which are already adopted in the UK National Annex for EN 1992, and I am joint author of the Concise Eurocode 2 for Bridges published by The Concrete Centre.
Gareth Wyn Jones, Emeritus Professor at Bangor University, former Director of Research and Policy for Countryside Council of Wales and joint author of the Land Use and Climate Change Report to the Welsh Government, said urgent change is vital to stop global warming.
And in so doing, they infused their rulings with the same problem that continues to plague the courts today--the misconception that because an idea standing alone is uncopyrightable, it must follow that a person who contributes only ideas cannot be a joint author in a collaborative copyrighted work.
Oxford University's Professor Tom Key, joint author of the wide-ranging study, said: "The results clearly show that the risk of heart disease in vegetarians is about a third lower than in comparable non-vegetarians."
NicK Jones, global director of PwC's Public Research Centre, and joint author of the report, said Cardiff had come lower in the index than the Key gross value added (GVA) per capita measure of wealth would suggest.
Martin Livermore, joint author of the report, said: "For too long, we have been told that heavy investment in uneconomic renewable energy was not only necessary but would provide a secure future electricity supply.
CONGRATULATrIONS to Liverpool University for organising lastweek''s public lecture by Professor Richard Wilkinson, the joint author of The Spirit Level.
Tam Baillie, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People and joint author of the report, said: "When children are raped or exploited as slaves in households or businesses in Scotland, it becomes our national scandal.
One editor (Tan Siew Ee) is joint author of six of the fourteen chapters, while Rosnah Opal supplies one as sole author and three others as joint author.
He has worked closely with the federation over the years, and is joint author of two housing policy books, as well as having papers published in journals and on policy websites.

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