joint capsule

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joint cap·sule

n. cápsula articular, cubierta en forma de bolsa que envuelve una articulación.
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Frozen shoulder - tightening of the joint capsule resulting in a reduction in movement.
Surgeons talk about a "vest-over-pants" repair where one side of the joint capsule is tucked over the outside of the other and stitched in place.
You may have pain due to a soft-tissue impingement (like a torn labrum or inflammation in the joint capsule) or a bony impingement (caused by thickening of the neck of the femur or a bone spur off the joint).
A perilabral sulcus or recess is a normal potential space interposed between the labrum and overlying joint capsule. These are most conspicuous in the superior joint space, where the joint capsule inserts several millimeters superior to the labrum (Figure 2), but they can also be seen along the anterior and posterior joint capsule.
These lesions mainly originate from the facet joint capsule. The cyst can be covered with synovium, and the cyst content may be gelatinous or hemorrhagic.
Sites treated included: hamstring tendon (1), proximal iliotibial band (1), patellar tendon (3), posterior tibial tendon (5), peroneus brevis tendon (3), plantar fascia (3), and the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint capsule (3).
In our patients there were no joint degeneration or ankylosis but limited range of motion that was resolved after surgery with physiotherapy, which was probably because of the mass that stretched the joint capsule.
Clinical Assessment: Based on medical examination records, medical progress notes, and procedure records in the EMRs of patients, sex, age, histories of low back surgery, complaining of neurogenic claudication, symptomatic sites of patients, FJI sites, number of sites of FJI, triamcinolone dosage, numeric rating scale (NRS; 0 - no pain, 10 - worst possible pain) before and after treatment, facet joint capsule rupture during treatment, and improvement of neurogenic claudication after treatment, were examined.
This method stabilizes the joint from outside the joint capsule. Generally, the surgeon passes a suture line around the dog's lateral fabella and through a hole drilled into the tibia, creating an artificial ligament of sorts outside the joint.
The disease affects the cartilage and the whole joint structure, including the subchondral bone, synovial membrane and joint capsule (Alves et al., 2013).
It has been found mainly in children and may accompany mild trauma, upper respiratory infection, a damaged joint capsule and ligament, or hypermyotonia [2-4].

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