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1. A machine or tool used in making joints.
2. A tool used to cut grooves indicating the joints in concrete.
3. A triangular attachment to a plow used in covering trash or refuse.


1. (Building) a tool for pointing mortar joints, as in brickwork
2. (Building) Also called: jointing plane a long plane for shaping the edges of planks so that they can be fitted together
3. a person or thing that makes joints


(ˈdʒɔɪn tər)

1. a person or thing that joints.
2. a tool or machine used in making joints.
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Noun1.jointer - a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit togetherjointer - a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit together
carpenter's plane, woodworking plane, plane - a carpenter's hand tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing or shaping wood; "the cabinetmaker used a plane for the finish work"
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Meanwhile, late jointers Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia have recorded the highest degree of convergence among the EU countries, the ECB added.
Organized by process versus product layout, the plant utilizes 38 machines, ranging from standard equipment such as miter saws, jointers and finishing equipment, to high-tech machinery, including: Komo and Weeke CNC routers, Brandt edgebanders, and multiple presses, including an Italpresse hot press and a thermofoil press.
The workers, including linesman, jointers, drivers and craft persons, do essential jobs to maintain and repair electricity networks.
At its Alabama facility, the process utilizes two Weinig CNC stave jointers, as well as Weinig P2400 planers.
As per official data, Engineers (2624), Doctors (601), Nurses (195), Teachers (485), Accountants (1664), Managers (1998), Welders (7751), Secretaries/Stenographers (148), Storekeepers (869), Agriculturists (9649), Clerks/Typists (3212), Foremen/supervisors (3472), Masons (28708), Carpenters (19129), Electricians (16818), Cooks (3756), Plumbers (10809), Waiters/Bearers (2640), Steel Fixers (15468), Painters (8493), Labourers (132678), Technicians (18284), Mechanics (9133), Cable Jointers (182), Drivers (50636), Operators (7564), Tailors (3331), Surveyors (1138), Fitters (6291), Denters (1915), Comp/Analysts (1450), Designers (379), Goldsmiths (80), Pharmacists(101), Riggers (434), Salesmen (7266), Draftsmen (208), Blacksmiths (154), Photographers (92), Artists (14) and others.
During 2013, out of 420788 workers sent abroad are including 3,047 Engineers, 698 doctors, 197 nurses,568 teachers, 2,011 Accountants, 2,306 Managers, 8,670 welders,178 secretaries/stenographers, 991 Storekeepers, 11,074 Agriculturists, 3,747 clerks, 3,969 Foremen, 31,295 Mason, 20,842 Carpenters, 18,498 Electricians, 4,181 Cooks, 11,776 Plumbers, 3,049 Waiters, 16,949 Steel Fixers, 9,444 Painters, 147253 Labourers, 20,918 Technicians, 10,358 Mechanics, 204 Cable Jointers, 54,027 Drivers, 8,437 Operators, 3,670 Tailors, 1,306 Surveyors, 7,469 Fitters, 2,065 Denters, 1,665 Computer/Prog/ Analysts, 416 Designers, 100 Goldsmiths, 128 Pharmacists, 502 Riggers,8,126 Salesmen, 245 Draftsmen, 168 Blacksmiths 92 Photographers, and 149 Artists.
All saws, jointers and milling machines need machine guards," said Gary Michael, of The Joinery.
Positions are available for LV/HV cable jointers and powerlinemen, HV relay technicians and heavy current electrical craftsmen.
Woodworkers and craftsman in need of new or pre-owned machines and equipment can utilize the new directory to find qualified dealers and distributors of bandsaws, miter saws & accessories, sanders, shapers, routers, jointers, bases & stands, vises & other workholding equipment, planers, table saws, dust collectors, cordless drills, sandpapers, glues, and other products for woodworking applications.
Specialist guidance and specialist skills are required for the jointers and the supervisors involved in the construction and installation of a GRPs line pipe.
A total of 80 people were recruited, including office staff, electricians and cable jointers, and the company has recently invested in a fleet of 27 new vans.