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a. A place or part at which two or more things are joined.
b. A way in which two or more things are joined: a mortise-and-tenon joint.
2. Anatomy
a. A point of articulation between two or more bones, especially such a connection that allows motion.
b. A point in the exoskeleton of an invertebrate at which movable parts join, as along the leg of an arthropod.
3. Botany An articulation on a fruit or stem, such as the node of a grass stem.
4. Geology A fracture or crack in a rock mass along which no appreciable movement has occurred.
5. A large cut of meat for roasting.
6. Slang
a. A cheap or disreputable gathering place: "The tavern is ... just a joint with Formica tables, a vinyl floor, lights over the mirrors" (Scott Turow).
b. A building or dwelling.
c. A prison. Often used with the.
7. Slang A marijuana cigarette.
8. Vulgar Slang A penis.
1. Shared by or common to two or more: our joint presence; a joint income-tax return.
2. Sharing with another or others: a joint tenant.
3. Formed or characterized by cooperation or united action: joint military maneuvers.
4. Involving both houses of a legislature: a joint session of Congress.
5. Law Regarded as one, especially with regard to tort liability or interest in property.
6. Mathematics Involving two or more variables.
tr.v. joint·ed, joint·ing, joints
1. To combine or attach with a joint or joints: securely jointed the sides of the drawer.
2. To provide or construct with joints: joint a boom on a crane.
3. To separate (meat) at the joints.
out of joint
1. Dislocated, as a bone.
2. Informal
a. Not harmonious; inconsistent.
b. Out of order; inauspicious or unsatisfactory.
c. In bad spirits or humor; out of sorts.

[Middle English, from Old French, from past participle of joindre, to join; see join.]
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