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also jok·y  (jō′kē)
adj. jok·i·er, jok·i·est
Characterized by joking or jokes, especially stale or clumsy jokes: jokey bumper stickers.

jok′i·ly adv.
jok′i·ness n.


the quality of being jokey or a joker
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This book isn't sharp-fanged, but it's able to remain both humorous and disturbing after the initial jokiness has passed.
Some of the work is more commentary, jokiness, and the people I know who have nannies like it.
I wanted to get rid of the jokiness, the goofiness.
But at least they were not guilty of the labored frat-boy jokiness of the Washington Free Beacon.
From the laconic jokiness of his early Pop compositions to the cacophonous and often mutable surfaces of his later paintings--where resin, silver nitrate, iodine, chloride, beeswax, granulated meteorite, and pigment of violets, to list only a few of his materials, are deployed to brilliant effect--the German artist, who died in 2010, tested the bounds of imagemaking like few others of his generation.
It's classic Frost, a toss off--a light but slightly cruel jokiness that amplifies psychic tension through resistance.
If The Answer played it like The Darkness, with that knowing extravagance, that smug jokiness (which is the ultimate insult to an audience) then The Answer would be being played right now by Radio One and/or Two by some similarly smug, knowing young hipster.
He sticks to the inevitability of the genre with the flying and punching, and not to mention tight-fitting ridiculous costumes, but adds his jokiness that keeps everything barrelling along.
But at times the humor is discordant, Henry's jokiness not only his own whistling in the dark but his author's uneasiness with his own seriousness.
His son William said: "He was a real character but he saw to his own grave without any jokiness or irreverence and he wasn't at all macabre about it.
Always reading her I feel a faint contempt and yet an equally faint jokiness prevails.