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adj. jol·li·er, jol·li·est
1. Full of good humor and high spirits.
2. Exhibiting or occasioning happiness or mirth; cheerful: a jolly tune.
3. Greatly pleasing; enjoyable: had a jolly time.
adv. Chiefly British
To a great extent or degree; extremely.
v. jol·lied, jol·ly·ing, jol·lies
To keep amused or diverted for one's own purposes; humor.
To amuse oneself with humorous banter.
n. pl. jol·lies
1. Chiefly British A good or festive time.
2. jollies Slang Amusement; kicks: However you get your jollies is fine with me.

[Middle English joli, from Old French, perhaps of Scandinavian origin.]

jol′li·ly adv.
jol′li·ness n.


a joker or jovial person


(ˈdʒɒlɪə) or


(Ceramics) a person who uses a jolley or jigger to make pottery
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Give him something noisy; and if a trifle low, so much the jollier.
Fearing the dark, into which he observed all men passed, he built beyond the dark a fairer region, a happier hunting-ground, a jollier and robuster feasting-hall and wassailing-place, and called it variously "heaven.
It 's time for lunch, girls, and I brought mine along with me, it 's so much jollier to eat in sisterhood.
She is much jollier when Daddy Mathieu is in bed with his rheumatism," Rouletabille said to me.
It was only Ned Hermanmann, fatter, bronder-faced, jollier looking than ever.
In shoe news jollier, DC has inked mash-up deals with Ben Davis, the work-pant maker as well as Shut Skates, New York's original street-skating brand, so there's that.
What I'd like to think is a female host brings a different tone, straight away it just seems sort of calmer and jollier.
Surely there's no jollier way to give back than seeing the best of the Bard in a glorious, ancient amphitheatre?
In truth, he does seem much jollier and wittier than his image.
I worry, too, about the mini donkeys, who are far jollier than the horses but no taller than the split-rail fences.
Great American Cookies is all about sharing the fun and merriment of National Cookie Day and now that we have Santa's support, we couldn't be jollier," said David Kaiser, vice president, Great American Cookies.