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adj. jol·li·er, jol·li·est
1. Full of good humor and high spirits.
2. Exhibiting or occasioning happiness or mirth; cheerful: a jolly tune.
3. Greatly pleasing; enjoyable: had a jolly time.
adv. Chiefly British
To a great extent or degree; extremely.
v. jol·lied, jol·ly·ing, jol·lies
To keep amused or diverted for one's own purposes; humor.
To amuse oneself with humorous banter.
n. pl. jol·lies
1. Chiefly British A good or festive time.
2. jollies Slang Amusement; kicks: However you get your jollies is fine with me.

[Middle English joli, from Old French, perhaps of Scandinavian origin.]

jol′li·ly adv.
jol′li·ness n.
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Noun1.jolliness - feeling jolly and jovial and full of good humor
gaiety, merriment - a gay feeling
amiability, good humor, good humour, good temper - a cheerful and agreeable mood




[ˈdʒɒlɪnɪs] Njovialidad f


(ˈdʒoli) adjective
merry and cheerful. He's in quite a jolly mood today.
very. Taste this – it's jolly good!
ˈjolliness, ˈjollity noun
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At other times he has appeared as Sarah the Cook, Dame Trot or whatever Mr Jaeger's script dreams up for him, and he does a good job although his general jolliness always has a slightly sinister edge to it.
However, to compensate for the missing jolliness, NATPE is redefining itself as an international market, rather than just a LATAM-focused event.
The Epstein Theatre, 85, Hanover Street, Liverpool, 0151 709 4044, Fri, 28 Apr Gavin Webster The Slaughter House, 13-15, Fenwick Street, Liverpool, 0151 227 5946, Fri, 28 Apr Henning Wehn: Westphalia Is Not An Option Join German Comedy Ambassador Henning Wehn for an evening of Teutonic jolliness at its best.
Feel the magic as you step into their palace and embrace the jolliness of the season with all its blessings.
QUALITIES: Humility (according to him), general jolliness (again, he says).
The interior is redolent of the Richmond bistro scene in the 60s: eclectic furniture, blackboard wall, open kitchen and a general air of jolliness.
I think people should be allowed without ridicule or opprobriumto excuse themselves from the season's mass outpourings of "festive" glee and the mania surrounding the fascistic enforcement of jolliness and mandated merriment.
Kim sat down with Khaleej Times for an exclusive interview and let loose his brand of jolliness in discussing several things, from his thoughts on Dubai to why LG is a "small" firm -- and even somewhat complementing their biggest rival.
But the jolliness did not end there; something better was added to it.
We were pulled in by the relaxed, informal atmosphere, the friendliness of staff, the jolliness of fellow guests.
Although this melancholia does peep through in some tracks, the overall mood of the gig was an overwhelming sense of jolliness - the infectious revelry of the band spread through the crowd, with one audience member exclaiming that she would listen to the band as soon as she got home.