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v. jolt·ed, jolt·ing, jolts
1. To move or dislodge with a sudden, hard blow; strike heavily or jarringly: jolted his opponent with a heavy punch; an impact that jolted the mailbox loose.
2. To cause to move jerkily: stops and starts that jolted the passengers.
3. To put into a specified condition by or as if by a blow: "Now and then he jolted a nodding reader awake by inserting a witty paragraph" (Walter Blair).
4. To make suddenly active or effective: The remark jolted my memory.
5. To disturb suddenly and severely; stun: She was jolted by the betrayal of her trusted friend.
To proceed in an irregular, bumpy, or jerky fashion.
1. A sudden jarring or jerking motion, as from a blow.
a. A sudden, strong feeling of surprise or disappointment; a shock.
b. The cause of such a feeling: His resignation was a jolt to the whole staff.
3. A brief strong portion: a jolt of whiskey.

[Origin unknown.]

jolt′er n.
jolt′i·ly adv.
jolt′y adj.
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Adj.1.jolted - bumped or shaken jerkily; "the jolted passengers"
agitated - physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled"
2.jolted - disturbed psychologically as if by a physical jolt or shock; "retrieved his named from her jolted memory"; "the accident left her badly shaken"
agitated - troubled emotionally and usually deeply; "agitated parents"
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References in classic literature ?
The wagon jolted on, carrying me I knew not whither.
The cab rattled, jingled, jolted; in fact, the last was quite extraordinary.
And the cab jolted in front of a steamy, greasy shop in a blaze of gas and in the smell of fried fish.
And the cab jolted. Mrs Verloc's mother expressed some misgivings.
What time, the mail-coach lumbered, jolted, rattled, and bumped upon its tedious way, with its three fellow-inscrutables inside.
And just outside the terminus the train jolted over temporary rails, and on either side of the railway the houses were blackened ruins.
In each of the long German carts six or more pale, dirty, bandaged men were being jolted over the stony road.
QUETTA -- An earthquake jolted Zhob district and adjoining areas on Saturday morning.
A magnitude 5.5 earthquake jolted Tawi-tawi Tuesday afternoon, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said.
Strong quake jolts Dinagat Island !-- -- Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) - April 2, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines A magnitude 5.4 earthquake jolted Loreto town on Dinagat Island yesterday.
A 5.0-magnitude earthquake jolted parts of Balochistan, including Quetta, on Saturday.
KANDHKOT/JACOBABAD: An earthquake of mild intensity jolted different areas here on Monday but no causality or property damages were reported due to quake.According to the geological wing of PMD, tremours measuring 4.