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 (jōnz) Slang
1. Heroin.
2. An addiction or craving.
intr.v. jonesed, jones·ing, jones·es
To have an eager or intense desire: was jonesing for caffeine.

[Perhaps from the name Jones.]


Family of American jazz musicians, including Henry (1918-2010), known as "Hank," a pianist best known as a member of the Columbia Broadcasting System house band (1959-1974); his brother Thaddeus Joseph (1923-1986), known as "Thad," a cornetist, flugelhorn player, and composer who wrote extensively for Count Basie's orchestra; and his brother Elvin Ray (1927-2004), a drummer best known for his work with the John Coltrane Quartet (1960-1965).
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(ˈdʒoʊn zɪz) Idioms:
keep up with the Joneses, to compete socially with one's neighbors or associates, esp. by buying the things they have.
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The 200-plus Joneses set off from the Menai Suspension Bridge to compete in the event, sponsored by Jones Crisps and which also included the Ynys MOn 10k run and one-mile RibRide Dragon's Dash children's race.
Dame Gwyneth Jones backstage at the concert | Dame Gwyneth Jones backstage at the concert WHO remembers the day 10 years ago when Joneses from around the globe gathered at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay to try to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest same surname gathering ever?
His book Y Jonesiaid celebrates the achievements and quirks of Joneses over the centuries, including a vicar who wore the same coat for 43 years.
Joneses from across Wales and as far away as Australia descended on the capital city to make up the audience for the Jones Jones Jones variety show.
JONESES from across Wales descended on Cardiff last night and smashed the record for the biggest get-together of people with the same surname.
Commending Himes for his staunch critique of black middle-class accommodationism, Gayle asserts that "American tyranny and oppression have been directed not only at Blacks of little education or financial standing, not only at the Bigger Thomases, but at the Bob Joneses as well.
Instead, they will be used to defray some of the debt the owner says he piled up in Cleveland the past several seasons, and to keep up with the Joneses on player contracts.
The Joneses moved to the Big Bear Ranger District in the San Bernardino Mountains, where Horace Jones was assigned an assistant ranger.
How many Joneses can you fit into one place at the same time?