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1. A large drinking bowl.
2. The amount that such a bowl contains.

[Perhaps after Joram, who brought vessels of silver, gold, and brass to King David (II Samuel 8:10).]


(Units) a large drinking bowl or vessel or its contents: a jorum of punch.
[C18: probably named after Jorum, who brought vessels of silver, gold, and brass to King David (II Samuel 8:10)]


(ˈdʒɔr əm, ˈdʒoʊr-)

1. a large bowl or container for drink.
2. the contents of such a container.
[1720–30; said to be after Joram, who brought silver, gold, and brass bowls to David (2 Samuel 8:10)]


 a large quantity; a large drinking vessel and its contents.
Examples: jorum of gossip, 1872; of mulled port, 1823; of punch, 1868.
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Noun1.jorum - a large drinking bowljorum - a large drinking bowl    
bowl - a round vessel that is open at the top; used chiefly for holding food or liquids;
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The Aged prepared such a haystack of buttered toast, that I could scarcely see him over it as it simmered on an iron stand hooked on to the top-bar; while Miss Skiffins brewed such a jorum of tea, that the pig in the back premises became strongly excited, and repeatedly expressed his desire to participate in the entertainment.
At the same table, with both her elbows upon it, was Mrs Jiniwin; no longer sipping other people's punch feloniously with teaspoons, but taking deep draughts from a jorum of her own; while her daughter--not exactly with ashes on her head, or sackcloth on her back, but preserving a very decent and becoming appearance of sorrow nevertheless--was reclining in an easy chair, and soothing her grief with a smaller allowance of the same glib liquid.
So saying, the good fellow went to work to prepare a jorum of that fragrant beverage, and all hands tasted it with satisfaction.
Yet here we were; and the witch herself was actually brewing a jorum of ginger tea for Cecily, who continued to shiver long after the rest of us were roasted to the marrow.
Bob Sawyer ordered in the largest mortar in the shop, and proceeded to brew a reeking jorum of rum-punch therein, stirring up and amalgamating the materials with a pestle in a very creditable and apothecary-like manner.
In a minute he had brewed two steaming jorums of spirits-and-water; as he handed me one, I feared he was going to drink my health, or toast my luck; but no, he was the one man I had met who seemed, as he said, to "understand.
RETURNING TO VALENCIAThe men's team also has 2017 Family Bank Half Marathon winner Jorum Okombo (58:48), World Cross Country Championships silver medallist Leonard Barsaton and Barselius Kipyego, the winner of the aSsti nad Labem Half Marathon in Czech last year.
Transport Minister Jorum Gumbo said the deal provided the framework for the parties to discuss and sign specific contracts.
Jorum uses the differences in policy and discourse when it comes to each of these three cases to highlight the nature of territorial dispute in the region, and the processes of state-building and nationalism more generally.
concurring) (listing exhaustion, Jorum non conveniens, comity, and executive branch statements of interest).
District courts in Texas and New York dismissed the case on the basis of Jorum non conveniens (Sequihua v Texaco, 847 F Supp 61 (SD Tex 1994); Aguinda v Texaco, 142 F Supp 2d 534 (SDNY 2001); Jota v Texaco, 157 F3d 153 (2nd Cir 1998)).
Proyectos como MERLOT, GEM, RELOAD, JORUM y ADL han presentado distintas iniciativas relacionadas con la descripcion de recursos.