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A brief note or memorandum.


something jotted down


(ˈdʒɒt ɪŋ)

a quickly written or brief note.
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Noun1.jotting - a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) notejotting - a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note
note - a brief written record; "he made a note of the appointment"
References in classic literature ?
I'm just jotting down what strikes me in your country, and when I have time shall throw it into book form." She spoke very loud, as English people always do to foreigners.
Or Jottings from German Journeyings,--I haven't quite decided yet which."
While the doctor was jotting down the result of this experiment, the loud report of a gun was heard close beside him.
But it began to niggle me, so I started jotting down practically everything I spent.
Go one extra by jotting down special clues teachers serve up in class when assigning projects.
Kukla: Sometimes I think when I was suffocated & died,/I lost much of my childhood memory.//I'm just jotting this down so I don't forget./When You read the Amichai poem with two girls//who overflow & vanish.
I found myself jotting down on the back cover the pages where these texts are cited.
Ellis-Behnke says that when he's hunched over a microscope in the lab, jotting down notes on his tablet is just as easy as jotting down notes on paper--only with the tablet, he can save them along with other electronic files.
WOULD people be so outraged at the sentence had 12 foreigners turned up at a UK air force base after September 11 and started taking photographs and jotting down detailed information about military aircraft?