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The youth turned once to look at the lashing riders and jouncing guns of the battery.
The old man gulped, jouncing his Adam's apple and making the blade jump.
I'm jouncing down tracks along New Zealand's South Island in a historic train, surrounded by revelers, on a beer run out of Blenheim--the tiny town in the heart of what is probably this country's most famous wine region, Marlborough.
To be fair, 1 haven't fired hundreds of rounds through one, nor have I tried to load and reload on a skirmish line or jouncing around on a plunging cavalry steed while Rebels are taking potshots in my direction.
Jouncing along in the Hilux cab, I wished I had kept up with the students and faculty but I didn't miss that old black and green Volga in which I used to rub elbows with so many other paying passengers.
Ten minutes later, we were bouncing and jouncing along on the wagon -- minus the hay -- while the two of them glowered.
[T]hey watched [Ike and Tennie], hurrying down the lane at a stumbling trot, the routed compounder of his uncle's uxory: the back, the nameless face which he had seen only for a moment, the once-hooped dress ballooning and flapping below a man's overcoat, the worn heavy carpet-bag jouncing and banging against her knee, routed and in retreat true enough and in the empty lane solitary young-looking and forlorn yet withal still exciting and evocative and wearing still the silken banner captured inside the very citadel of respectability, and unforgettable.
I watch Tim saunter out, his wide shoulders jouncing, curly red hair falling upon his freckled neck.
Fraulein Wronker's carriage and pair goes jouncing over the cobblestones.
George watched the road, high beams splashing over the dark trees and tires jouncing over the potholes.
[A]ll of a sudden there was a frenzied traffic jam, with army wagons, caissons, guns, and ambulances jouncing up in to the melee, straggling soldiers all around, everybody swearing, mass desperation rising higher every minute.
The 20-year-old bandleader came jouncing out onstage and instantly threw himself into the crowd.