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1. journal.
2. journeyman.
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If revolutionized Paris would not buy as the jour de l'an approached, Paris must have a new dynasty.
"Bon jour, Planchet," replied D'Artagnan, stooping to enter the shop.
If I had gone to see the great apostle of beauty, I should have had to go clandestinely--en cachette, as they say here; and that is not my nature; I like to do everything frankly, freely, naivement, au grand jour. That is the great thing--to be free, to be frank, to be naif.
Archer rose with a murmur of readiness, and she seated herself at old Catherine's rosewood "Bonheur du Jour," and wrote out the message in her large immature hand.
" Bon jour! monseigneur," replied the musketeer; "how did you get through the journey?"
The very name by which they used to be called, journal, seems to tell us that, for it comes from the French word "jour," meaning "a day." Newspapers give us the news of the day for the day.
Laurie is not as respeckful as he ought to be now I am almost in my teens, he calls me Chick and hurts my feelings by talking French to me very fast when I say Merci or Bon jour as Hattie King does.
"Jour printer by trade; do a little in patent medi- cines; theater-actor -- tragedy, you know; take a turn to mesmerism and phrenology when there's a chance; teach singing-geography school for a change; sling a lecture sometimes -- oh, I do lots of things -- most anything that comes handy, so it ain't work.
"Bon jour, messieurs!" said the king to the two gentlemen who were held by D'Artagnan and Porthos.
Her "Bon jour, monsieur," was quite polite, but so orderly, so commonplace, it spread directly a cool, damp towel over my "vives impressions." The servant turned back when her mistress appeared, and I walked slowly along the corridor, side by side with Mdlle.
Then we will go on to Paris, where we will live together, et je te ferai voir des etoiles en plein jour. Yes, you shall see such women as your eyes have never lit upon."
"Par derriere chez ma tante, Il y a un bois joli, Et le rossignol y chante Et le jour et la nuit...