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Noun1.journal bearing - the bearing of a journaljournal bearing - the bearing of a journal    
bearing - a rotating support placed between moving parts to allow them to move easily
hotbox - a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) that has overheated
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[25] established an experimental apparatus for a tilting-pad journal bearing to obtain the bearing surface pressure and temperature data under variable bearing loads and rotating speeds.
They cover tribological materials: an ecosustainable perspective, preparation and tribology performance of biologically based ceramic particles from rice wastes, tribological behavior and tribochemistry of Ti3SiC2 in water and alcohols, modeling and analyzing the oil-film pressure of a hydrodynamic journal bearing lubricated by nano-based biolubricants using a D-optimal design, and the wear performance of polyester composite reinforced with oil palm seed fiber and aged in brake fluid solutions.
In addition, laser surface-textured parallel thrust bearing and journal bearing were researched, respectively, by Brizmer and Kligerman [13] and Brizmer et al.
In recent years, many scholars conduct the experimental research in journal bearing. Liu [16] designed the water-lubricated bearing test device which consisted of the housing seat, shaft, loading cylinder, and journal bearing and a set of mutually perpendicular displacement sensors was placed in the side of the tested bearing.
Steady state behaviour of journal bearing has recently been investigated numerically by Kumar et al [3].
In the journal bearing, the force vector can be written:
The Blackmer ProVane pump employs a hydrodynamic journal bearing that reduces shaft/bearing contact and minimises friction, which in turn leads to higher mechanical efficiency and energy savings.