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Of, relating to, or characteristic of journalism or journalists.

jour′nal·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.journalistically - by journalists; "he is being journalistically crucified in his own country"


advim Zeitungsstil
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Willow Bay, Director of the School of Journalism, said, "We are building a new generation of technologically and journalistically skilled communicators who will lead the complex digital newsrooms of the future.
But tragically we can never do that again, so I'm deeply saddened but also honoured to have been asked to step into his shoes - journalistically at least - because no-one will be ever to fill his shoes at Everton Football Club.
Over the course of many years, Tanit Koch has convincingly qualified herself for the task of both leading Europe s largest daily paper journalistically as well as setting her own new accents.
The regime's stance is admirable in its virtuoso bluntness; it is a style consistent with Al-Sisi's security paradigm and is as subtle as an Apache striking your home as you soundly sleep after having published a journalistically sound piece.
Although John Archibald Wheeler is given credit for coining the name black hole in 1967, Bartusiak points out that the term had already been in print journalistically in 1964, in Life magazine (January 25 issue) and a week earlier in this magazine, then called Science News Letter (1/18/64, p.
In 1962, in his first Catholic Herald editorial, he wrote that a lay-owned and independent Catholic paper had "a freedom that is journalistically necessary if it is to carry out what it conceives to be its function and which relieves the hierarchy and the clergy generally of any responsibility for opinions expressed in its columns.
Journalistically speaking, the error is easy to find: Rolling Stone, at Jackie's request, and with editors' approval, made no effort to contact any of the seven men accused of raping and beating the victim.
At this point, journalistically speaking, we typically would mention the woman's name, and perhaps her reason for being there, but no.
8220;Performance Motorsports Network is always on the lookout for journalistically solid, reputable, and entertaining motorsports programming.
Second, the metrics will stalk them, rubbing their noses in the financially poor (and journalistically impressive) decisions they like to make.
The Anchorage Daily News is a profitable newspaper that makes us proud journalistically," said Pat Talamantes, Sacramento-based McClatchy's president and chief executive.
Some traditionalists of American journalism criticized USA Today for emphasising on short articles - calling it 'McPaper' - but the paper, now the nation's second-largest daily, was an extraordinary success financially and journalistically.