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 (joust, jŭst, jo͞ost) also just (jŭst)
a. A combat between two mounted knights or men-at-arms using lances; a tilting match.
b. jousts A series of tilting matches; a tournament.
2. A personal competition or combat suggestive of combat with lances: a politician who relishes a joust with reporters.
intr.v. joust·ed, joust·ing, jousts also just·ed or just·ing or justs
1. To engage in mounted combat with lances; tilt.
2. To engage in a personal combat or competition.

[Middle English, from Old French juste, from juster, to joust, from Vulgar Latin *iūxtāre, to be next to, from Latin iūxtā, close by; see yeug- in Indo-European roots.]

joust′er n.
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1. (Historical Terms) history
a. the action or sport of fighting on horseback using a lance
b. (as modifier): medieval jousting tournaments.
2. (Historical Terms) (as modifier): medieval jousting tournaments.
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nTurnier (→ kämpfe pl) nt; (fig)Rangeleien pl
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"'I will well,' said Arthur, and rode fast after the sword, and when he came home, the lady and all were out to see the jousting. Then was Arthur wroth and said to himself, 'I will ride to the churchyard, and take the sword with me that sticketh in the stone, for my brother Sir Kay shall not be without a sword this day.' So when he came to the churchyard Sir Arthur alit and tied his horse to the stile, and so he went to the tent and found no knights there, for they were at the jousting, and so he handled the sword by the handles, and lightly and fiercely pulled it out of the stone, and took his horse and rode his way until he came to his brother Sir Kay, and delivered him the sword.
The point about jousting struck her as particularly well taken.
But on top of that you get the thrill of knights jousting, skillful riding and watching a dragon setting the castle ablaze.
My opponent Alex Temmink is jousting's equivalent of The Stig, a brooding horseman of few words manoeuvring his mount like a Ferrari - as I clumsily steer my noble steed, Gabby, like a four-legged dodgem.
Onlookers braved the inclement weather to watch the sturdy knights provide some spectacular jousting in the grounds of the triangulated medieval castle near Dumfries.
VIDEO Assistant Referee (VAR) technology is to be trialled in one of the world's oldest equestrian sports as jousting becomes subject to the same scrutiny as football and tennis.
A video referee watches a jousting competition JIM HOLDEN/ENGLISH HERITAGE
VIDEO Assistant Referee VAR) technology is to be trialled in one of the world's oldest equestrian sports as jousting becomes subject to the same scrutiny as football and tennis.
However, had they had tried to do it in March, 1449, it would have been halted for a very different reason because this was the site of the royal jousting ground and in that year King James II was holding an elaborate and violent competition there.
Joust when you thought it was safe to put away the brollies They'd hoped the only thunder they would hear was the hooves of the horses - but spectators got a soaking at the annual jousting at Linlithgow Palace yesterday.
THE Belvoir Knights will be entertaining the crowds with a thrilling jousting tournament full of skills, thrills and plenty of fun at the popular medieval weekend back at the hilltop castle this summer for the first time in a decade.