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Cheerless; dismal.

joy′less·ly adv.
joy′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.joylessly - in a joyless manner; without joy; "she greeted her guests joylessly"
gleefully, joyfully, joyously - in a joyous and gleeful manner; "the old man had greeted her gleefully"
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"No--in all truth; we have no chance against her!" She looked joylessly at Tess.
Princess Mary was still the same timid, plain maiden getting on in years, uselessly and joylessly passing the best years of her life in fear and constant suffering.
One look at Woods joylessly plodding his way around Royal Portrush on Friday, though, and it's apparent that he's not only human after all -- but an aging human at that.
Applauding players for joylessly opting not to celebrate after scoring against their former clubs.
He described serialism as "structural autopsies being passed off as fully realized music." (6) After years of struggling to compose and "sitting joylessly at the piano," he decided that he would never compose again without "pleasure." (7) According to Cipullo, having fun while composing was "the opposite of what most of us had been hearing our whole lives." (8) Del Tredici taught with humor and wit, and he was known for wearing a T-shirt stating "Tonality Lives." For Cipullo, one of the most memorable aspects of Del Tredici's teaching was his concept of harmonic motion.
Nonetheless, Sir William Mure can be given credit for having pulled off a remarkable trick to write about joys joylessly.
I subsisted joylessly, feeding myself at noon, at first on crude dishes from the cafeteria, then stealing back when mealtime was over to pilfer, for dinner, a roll, a wrinkled apple, a package of cookies left on a tabletop.
we got home we feasted joylessly on caviar and honey and liquor, and to
They know that even though United are only three points off the Premier League summit, the football is joylessly pedestrian.
In the photo, four females of various ages pose as if sitting inside the plane, staring joylessly at the camera.
The book claims Charles is "joylessly" taking over more of the Queen's duties.
As the match ground joylessly on, the ball was mostly in the sky, out for a throwin or bring frittered away by one side or t'other.