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Cheerless; dismal.

joy′less·ly adv.
joy′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.joylessly - in a joyless manner; without joy; "she greeted her guests joylessly"
gleefully, joyfully, joyously - in a joyous and gleeful manner; "the old man had greeted her gleefully"
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Princess Mary was still the same timid, plain maiden getting on in years, uselessly and joylessly passing the best years of her life in fear and constant suffering.
Nonetheless, Sir William Mure can be given credit for having pulled off a remarkable trick to write about joys joylessly.
I subsisted joylessly, feeding myself at noon, at first on crude dishes from the cafeteria, then stealing back when mealtime was over to pilfer, for dinner, a roll, a wrinkled apple, a package of cookies left on a tabletop.
Who the hell is going to try recreating anything after watching this bunch of bitchy bakers joylessly sculpting life-like orchard scenes from chocolate, replete with spun-sugar foliage and tiny dry ice machines to blow smoke across the cocoa powder soil?
we got home we feasted joylessly on caviar and honey and liquor, and to
They know that even though United are only three points off the Premier League summit, the football is joylessly pedestrian.
In the photo, four females of various ages pose as if sitting inside the plane, staring joylessly at the camera.
As the match ground joylessly on, the ball was mostly in the sky, out for a throwin or bring frittered away by one side or t'other.
We've all been there, joylessly knocking up a panful of marrow soup, desperately flinging in any amount of herbs or spices to take our mind off the fact that the heart of the dish is that bland, woolly vegetable.
The grandmotherly Daphne seems lovely but the rest of the eponymous know-it-alls, well, I prefer to substitute a selection of four-letter words for "egg" when they joylessly, humourlessly hoover up yet another victory.
Sadly, this call to arms hadn't been communicated to the stewards at the gates of the County Ground, who joylessly confiscated my best moatdigging shovel, some blueprints of a drawbridge and a vat of boiling tar.
The two countries toiled, often joylessly together, along with Poland, at the International Control Commission charged with monitoring the 1954 Geneva agreements that were meant to settle the conflict in Indochina, hewing to their respective prejudices and predispositions.