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A JOYRIDER gave five powerful police cars and a helicopter the slip while driving.
The 23-year-old joyrider - recovering from a horrific 'nailing' last weekend - has been taken to a private room in the Royal Victoria in the city.
Joyrider Mark Goode, from Broxstowe, Nottingham, died in the horrific smash in nearby Bilborough after being followed from Nottingham city centre by a patrol car and a force helicopter.
A CALLOUS joyrider yesterday admitted killing two young children and a woman while driving through a Fife housing estate at up to 75mph.
But five years ago it was young Robbie who was following the example of Portadown band Joyrider - by sharing their drugs.
And in a separate accident in Airdrie a suspected teenage joyrider was fighting for his life after the car he was in with three friends crashed.
A JOYRIDER who steals buses then dumps them hundreds of miles away may be a disgruntled customer of the company being targeted, police say.
A JUDGE has halted court martial proceedings against Sergeant Lee Clegg, the paratrooper cleared of murdering a Belfast joyrider in 1990.
And if we stop one joyrider getting into a car then we have achieved something.
CALLS have been made for an examination of the bail system following the conviction of joyrider Dessie Savage.
THE daughter of a TV chef was fighting for her life yesterday after a head-on smash with a joyrider.
A JOYRIDER stayed one step ahead of police for 50 minutes.