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1. Exultingly joyful.
2. Expressing joy.

[Latin iūbilāns, iūbilant-, present participle of iūbilāre, to raise a shout of joy.]

ju′bi·lance n.
ju′bi·lant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.jubilantly - in a joyous mannerjubilantly - in a joyous manner; "they shouted happily"
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بابْتِهاج، مُتَهَلِّلا
á fagnandi hátt
coşku ile


(ˈdʒuːbilənt) adjective
showing and expressing triumphant joy. Jubilant crowds welcomed the victorious team home.
ˈjubilantly adverb
ˌjubiˈlation (-ˈlei-) noun
(sometimes in plural) (triumphant) rejoicing. There was great jubilation over the victory; The jubilations went on till midnight.
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In the basins, the fountains, formerly so jubilantly fresh and noisy, had stopped of themselves.
"Everything's all right," he shouted jubilantly. "I told father right off, licketty-split, as soon as I got home," he added when he reached us.
Nancy's lips parted abruptly, as if there were angry words all ready to come; but her eyes, resting on Pollyanna's jubilantly trustful face, saw something that prevented the words being spoken.
"We'll shake up the speculating crowd," Leon Guggenhammer proclaimed jubilantly, as they rose to go.
Phil sprang up, hugged them both jubilantly, and went on her way rejoicing.
"We are going to be the best of friends," said Gilbert, jubilantly. "We were born to be good friends, Anne.
His elation increased with each barren washing, until he arose, exclaiming jubilantly:
"Went clean through, and no harm done!" he cried jubilantly. "I'll bet he aimed right all right, but he drew the gun over when he pulled the trigger--the cuss!
"Not on your life," he laughed jubilantly. "All she'd done was to put a washtub on the ground square under the demijohn.
Later, they also brought out a rally in which a large number of PTI workers participated jubilantly.
Amy Lea, 33, completed the 26.2-mile course in the capital in 2018 and was snapped on The Mall jubilantly heading to the finish line.