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The district court granted summary judgement in favor of the officers, finding that they were entitled to qualified immunity for beating the prisoner while he was handcuffed.
A Judgement of Foreclosure was secured by Greenberg, and thereafter the Referee appointed by the Court conducted a foreclosure sale at which Greenberg was the successful bidder.
Book One of Kant's Critique of Judgement (the `Analytic of the Beautiful') is an investigation of the judgement of taste about beauty--or, as Kant usually calls it, simply the judgement of taste.
The penalties for non-compliance on the Order to Appear are harsher than the original small claims hearing and subsequent judgement.
Moreover, rather than define the degree of disfigurement by the degree of negative social judgement a facial difference produces, one could define the degree of prejudice by the same criteria.
NYSE: DX) today announced that the trial court in Dallas County, Texas, after considering post-trial motions, has entered final judgement effective June 28, 2004 in favor of the Company and the other defendants.
The deficiency judgement would be calculated as the difference between the amount of the mortgage and the market value of the property or the highest bid at the foreclosure sale, which ever was higher.
SIRIT and its attorneys intend expeditiously to take all appropriate actions to execute and collect its Judgement against Able and Davidson.
Business Interference Judgement - Both Parties File for Rehearing
35 until the judgement is actually paid to the company.
V:OTC Bulletin Board:MDNR) announces the Reuters Press Release on May 29, 1999, regarding a court judgement against Modern Records was inaccurate and false.