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n.1.One who judges.
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He's a lover, not a judger," she told (http://people.
92) Cf Ever Judger Holding Co Ltd v Kroman Celik Sanayii Anonim
Sentencing, Judger Stephen Hopkins QC said: "You are 21 years of age and you have had no previous convictions involving drugs.
In this case, as will be explained in detail below, it is argued that the detective is an Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judger, or an "ESTJ.
Judger Murray Creed said the victims had been "targeted" over the internet.
The judger further ordered an inclusion of a section under the Anti Terrorism Act (ATA).
By the end of the book, the reader has been successfully introduced to the concept that every day and every situation is a new opportunity to choose a judger or learner mindset and set of behaviors.
For instance, for the MBTI category of Judger, the questions were:
She uses the story of a fictional teacher (in a narrative format) to explain the learner and judger mindsets and how to become more of a learner, question assumptions, be open to new possibilities, and collaborate with colleagues, ending with the 12 tools of the learner mindset in a workbook.
Judger Rodney Jameson QC told him at the moment it was not possible for him to do the sex offender treatment programme under the length of prison sentence allowed to be suspended and since that would be better for all in the wrong run he would do that under a community order.
It is strange, then, to say that we are now turning to the objective side of Furwahrhalten, since we differentiate conviction from persuasion not upon whether or not the judger feels his judgment to be valid beyond his private conditions (that is, a first-person perspective), but upon whether or not his judgment is in fact only applicable to his private conditions (that is, a third-person perspective).
I think it's just human nature to judge--but the judger might want to pause and reflect on what it is they have contempt for, and why.