Judgment debt

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(Law) a debt secured to the creditor by a judge's order.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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More revelations have emerged on the botched legal process instituted by Process and Industrial Developments Ltd (P and ID) against Nigeria which has now cost the country $9.6 billion in judgment debt that could cause further fiscal crisis should Nigeria eventually lose its latest appeal.
Commenting on the significance of the ruling, the Deputy Attorney General asserted that 'to me, it holds a lot of significance for accountability and the rule of law, that, indeed, you cannot pillage the state of funds and resort to all manner of tactics just to avoid the satisfaction of the judgment debt given against you.'
The Supreme Court held that (1) because the parties' stipulated judgment created an interest in land and not a judgment debt, postjudgment discovery was not permitted under Minn.
Acts aiming to defraud the creditor are, inter alia, the donation, transfer, encumbrance or alienation to the benefit of a third person, of any asset of the judgement debtor, provided that they are made for the purpose of preventing or delaying the satisfaction of the judgment debt. The debtor's intention is the determining factor to ascertain whether the transfer or disposal will be considered fraudulent.
The letter was issued to Commerzbank AG headquarters in Frankfurt on 6 September 2018 informing that CAMA has failed to make payment on the S$41 million judgment debt. Commerzbank AG remains the ultimate parent company of CAMA, which is a 'live' company.
A I presume the new debt is in connection with a court order charging (ie mortgaging) the property with the amount your husband owes, in other words a judgment debt. If you fail to pay this off, the creditor could make an application to the court for your property to be sold.
Preferred accounts include: bankruptcy, auto loan debt, credit card debt, judgment debt, and small business debt.
The bankruptcy application was made by private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co in connection with a judgment debt owed them by Becker dating as far back as 2015.
The Defendant failed to comply and the Court presided by Justice Rashid Al Badr directed the Qatar Central Bank to freeze accounts held in Qatar by the Defendant up to the value of the judgment debt.
The Claimant argued that there was no prospect of recovering the judgment debt as the Defendant's offices/business units were closed and no further assets could be traced.
In a court hearing into whether Kevin McGeever, 71, can pay a [euro]1.17million judgment debt he asked: "What do you mean by crime?
Under the judgment, Mr Qurashi has been ordered to pay AED11 million ($3 million) and Nakheel has obtained an attachment to recover the judgment debt," the statement read.