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Noun1.judgment lien - lien on a debtor's property that is granted to a creditor by court judgment; lien may be enforced by having the sheriff seize the property and hold a sheriff's sale
lien - the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged
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Do they have property that can have a judgment lien placed on it?
Next, it must state the amount owed, and if there are any documents to support the claim, such as a note, deed of trust, judgment lien, etc., these documents should be attached to the claim and submitted to the court with the claim, If the claim is based on several charges (e.g., interest, attorney's fees, late fees), an itemization of those charges should also be attached to the claim.
"Petitioner alleges funds due him by virtue of a lien in his favor as Montazami's judgment creditor were misdirected to Montazami, his debtor, as a direct result of the Commissioner causing the Court to enter an erroneous order that divested him of enforcement of his judgment lien respecting the Marital Home.
A Memorandum of Judgment, properly recorded, creates a judgment lien on any property owned by the judgment debtor in the county the memorandum was recorded.
There is no authority for treating an attorney leave differently from a judgment lien, Christensen told Minnesota Lawyer.
But there are several claims against Freedom Village secured by the property, including a $42,000 mortgage, a judgment lien of more than $688,000, and a mortgage foreclosure judgment of more than $453,000.
One suggestion was a "stipulated judgment lien, signed by the client, that addresses both fees and costs." If this has been done in Florida with accountants as lienors, there is no reflection of it in reported appellate caselaw.
The holder of an unsatisfied judgment or judgment lien is entitled to conduct proceedings supplementary to execution and related discovery, as provided by chapter 56, Florida Statutes.
a creditor that extends credit to the debtor at the time of the commencement of the case" and that obtains at that time a "judicial lien on all property on which a creditor on a single contract could have obtained such a judicial lien" (hereinafter Lien Creditor) and "an execution against the debtor that is returned unsatisfied" (hereinafter, Execution Creditor and, with Lien Creditors, Judgment Lien Creditors).
The lien created by the charging order must be accorded priority like any other judgment lien. (43)
If the IRS files a federal tax lien in the wrong location, it will not have priority over a later purchaser, holder of a security interest, mechanic's lien, or judgment lien creditor.