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Noun1.judicial sale - a sale of property by the sheriff under authority of a court's writ of execution in order satisfy an unpaid obligationjudicial sale - a sale of property by the sheriff under authority of a court's writ of execution in order satisfy an unpaid obligation
sales agreement, sale - an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer); "the salesman faxed the sales agreement to his home office"
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The following land transfers, either Warranty Deed (WD), Quit Claim Deed (QCD), Agreement for Deed, Contract, Trustees QCD, Cemetery Deed, Trustees Min Deed, Judicial Sale Deed or Spec WD, were filed in Gallatin County from Feb.
It stated the rule for when a sale price is unconscionable is when "a current appraisal or other current indicia of value is substantially different from the judicial sale price of the property.
The judicial sale will be scheduled in the coming weeks, Media24 reported.
These are represented in judicial guarding permits, which are concerned with reserving and managing funds; judicial sale agent, who assumes the sale of real estate through auctions according to defined and set standards; license for judicial server, who is responsible for movables and other materials from the property of the accused; and judicial securities' officer, who notifies people threatened with reservations with judicial orders.
Ship arrest is an excellent way to obtain security for a claim and potentially prepare for a judicial sale of the vessel, should that become necessary.
No warranty exists against defects in the case of a judicial sale or administrative sale by auction.
Contrary to the assertions, a purchaser of a distressed property, particularly one that has been sold through judicial sale, is hardly a "good faith purchaser for value.
The arrest may ultimately result in a judicial sale of the ship to pay the claim.
Gary Barnett and 20 West 47th Street Gary Barnett won the 14-story office building located at 20 West 47th Street at a judicial sale today in the rotunda of the State Supreme Court building at 60 Centre Street, with a winning bid of $73 million (note: correction appended).
The statute also prevented lenders from bidding at a judicial sale or obtaining a deficiency judgment.
If the company do not pay and it sits here, the court will eventually consider an application for judicial sale of the vessel and the proceeds will go towards paying the crew, and other claims on the ship.
Most foreclosure actions follow the same timeline: the court enters a judgment of foreclosure, the property is sold at judicial sale (either to the plaintiff or a third-party bidder), and the court confirms the sale and grants possession to the purchaser 30 days after entry of the order.

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