jugular veins

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jug·u·lar veins

n. venas yugulares, venas que llevan la sangre de la cabeza y del cuello al corazón.
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When the man was dead an examination disclosed the unmistakable marks of an animal's fangs deeply sunken into the jugular vein.
One arm was nearly severed by the giant fangs, and a great piece had been torn from his neck, exposing his jugular vein, which the cruel jaws had missed but by a miracle.
Kantos Kan perceived my coup and stepping quickly to my side he placed his foot upon my neck and withdrawing his sword from my body gave me the final death blow through the neck which is supposed to sever the jugular vein, but in this instance the cold blade slipped harmlessly into the sand of the arena.
The internal jugular vein had been cut through, with such violence, judging by the appearances, that the wound could not have been inflicted, in the act of suicide, by the hand of the deceased person.
Just over the external jugular vein there were two punctures, not large, but not wholesome looking.
2) Jugular vein phlebectasia can affect the anterior, external, and internal jugular veins, either unilaterally or, rarely, bilaterally.
In normal people, they measured at 0[degrees] a flow of 700 mL/min (270) in the internal jugular veins (IJVs) and another of 40 mL/min (20) in the vertebral veins (VVs); with the head at 90[degrees], the flow rate changed completely and was 70 mL/min (100) and 210 mL/min (120), respectively, in the IJVs and in the VVs.
Our work has two major findings: (1) The Trendelenburg position is not effective in increasing the CSA of jugular veins in obese patients, and (2) Trendelenburg positioning actually reduced the CSA in 10 of 36 obese patients.
Venous ectasias in the neck are uncommon, primarily occurring in the internal and external jugular veins.
The experimental procedure, which involves placing stents in the jugular veins, is also referred to as CCSVI.
Although various manoeuvres have been described to increase the size of the internal jugular veins (IJV), their efficacy has been limited or not demonstrated in infants and young children (3-6).