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ju·ju 1

1. An object used as a fetish, a charm, or an amulet in West Africa.
2. The supernatural power ascribed to such an object.

[Of West African origin; akin to the source of Hausa jūjū, fetish, evil spirit.]

ju′ju·ism n.

ju·ju 2

A style of Nigerian popular music featuring electric guitars and traditional drums.

[Yoruba jùjú.]
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1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) an object superstitiously revered by certain W African peoples and used as a charm or fetish
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) the power associated with a juju
3. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a taboo effected by a juju
4. any process in which a mystery is exploited to confuse people
[C19: probably from Hausa djudju evil spirit, fetish]
ˈjujuism n
ˈjujuist n
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(ˈdʒu dʒu)

n., pl. -jus.
1. a fetish or amulet used by some West African peoples.
2. the magical power attributed to such an object.
3. a ban or interdiction effected by it.
4. a style of Nigerian popular music using electric guitars, traditional drums, and call-and-response singing.
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1. A Nigerian musical style with roots in the traditional drumbased music of the Yoruba people.
2. An object used in Africa as a charm, fetish, or amulet.
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Noun1.juju - the power associated with a juju
magic, thaumaturgy - any art that invokes supernatural powers
2.juju - a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powersjuju - a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
good luck charm, charm - something believed to bring good luck
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A small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power:
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If spirituality can be defined as a process in which a person looks for something greater than the world they live in to guide their important decisions and to trust when in need of support (Senreich, 2013), Nigerian women's beliefs in the juju can be considered spiritual.
The head of traditional chiefs and elders in Nimba County Peter Ballah confirms here that the much talked about 'nine months' juju or charm to kill men who have sexual affairs with wives of other men was imported from neighboring Guinea and Ivory Coast.
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