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ju·ju 1

1. An object used as a fetish, a charm, or an amulet in West Africa.
2. The supernatural power ascribed to such an object.

[Of West African origin; akin to the source of Hausa jūjū, fetish, evil spirit.]

ju′ju·ism n.

ju·ju 2

A style of Nigerian popular music featuring electric guitars and traditional drums.

[Yoruba jùjú.]
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an African variety of magical fetishism characterized by the wearing of an exotic amulet called a juju. — jujuist, n.
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They would have realised that the success of such a unified state depended very much in devising or producing a common force or cause capable of containing the forces of Jujuism Fetishism [sic], Christianity and Islam.
They [independence-era and postcolonial Nigerian policymakers] would have realised that the Ibos are in fact a people who believe in Jujuism tempered mildly with Christianity, both of which encourage a sort of free and competitive society; whereas the Yorubas and Hausas believe in Fetishism and Islam respectively, while both peoples are strongly influenced by Animism, all of which encourages a form of solidarity and communal life (13).
For example, in "The Senegalese Group," the author focuses on the Wolof and Sere (Serer) and contends that "[t]heir original religion was Animism but later became greatly influenced by Jujuism and still later by Islam" (65).
I am aware of objections to the use of the words "Fetishism," "Jujuism" and "Animism" by some Africans and even by some European scholars....