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A Japanese school that prepares students for entrance exams, as for admission to a university, and is attended in addition to public school.

[Japanese, from Early Middle Chinese dʑuwk, gate room, private school (also the source of Mandarin shú).]


(in Japan) a school offering intensive education outside normal school hours


(ˈdʒu ku)
n., pl. -ku.
(in Japan) a school, attended in addition to one's normal school, where students prepare for college entrance examinations.
[1980–85; < Japanese]
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Six different types of training programs (STAR, CAF, CAF-PLUS, PIKNKIH, JUKU and DOSTI) have been conducted regularly in association with DAILABs and other institutions and have engaged and inspired large number of Indian students.
Les bourses pour aider les parents a assumer les couts d'une education reguliere, sans compter les frais associes a la frequentation d'une juku, sont presque inexistantes.
Hay danzas budistas y musica cercana al budismo: Sankai Juku y el Parsifal wagneriano, por ejemplo.
An Empirical Study on Juku Automated Writing Evaluation System in College English Writing Teaching, Beijing Forestry University.
This work also benefited from the comments of our discussants, Michael Hutchison and Takatoshi Ito, on our prior paper (Hausman and Wieland 2014) at the 2014 Stanford Summer Juku.
While the dancer/choreographer is a master of kuchipudi, a highly rhythmic Indian classical dance form, she has also collaborated with contemporary directors and choreographers like Peter Brook and Maurice Bejart, and more recently Ushio Amagatsu of Sankai Juku and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.
These territories were: The Obiteli watermill (in the Latgale region), Juku watermill (in the Kurzeme region), Igate watermill (in the Vidzeme region), and Nitaure watermill (in the Vidzeme region).
A teacher at one of the region's many juku or "cram schools" (weekend schools that provide extra instruction to help children gain a competitive advantage over their classmates), Miyamoto felt that students fared better when given challenges that they were inspired to overcome independently, with only limited teacher intervention.
9 SANKAI JUKU This Japanese dance company mixes the most reduced and Zen-like stillness with surreal corporeality.
2011 saw the completion of five projects including the Hikado Marketplace and Ohya Green Sports Park, rare community spaces in Motoyoshi, as well as Shizugawa Judo Juku, returning a safe and comfortable dojo to young athletes.
Asi, con el fin de aspirar a un buen curriculum vitae, 41% de los escolares de primaria, 66% de secundaria y 41% de preparatoria, asisten a cursos privados llamados juku (Barral, 1999).
Shoin once said to his students at his Shokason Juku academy, ''What should men of high purpose respect for?