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n. Australian
A sheep.

[Australian English pidgin dombock, jumbuck, perhaps from Kamilaroi (Pama-Nyungan language of southeast Australia) dhimba, or Malay domba (from Persian dumba, tail (as that of a fat-tailed sheep, prized for its cooking fat), from Middle Persian dumbak, from Old Iranian duma-).]


(Animals) archaic Austral an informal word for sheep
[C19: from a native Australian language]
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The Jumbucks come with the same three year/ 60,000 mile warranty as other Protons.
Proton is hoping that UK motorists will pick up on a craze that has swept America, with the timely introduction of its new Jumbuck.
This means that the Jumbuck GL costs just pounds 5,995 excluding VAT, with a pretty basic specification that includes remote central locking, height adjustment for the steering column and driver's seat, and adjustable headlamps.
The Jumbucks come with the same three year/60,000 mile warranty as other Protons.
Strictly a twoseater, the Jumbuck has an open cargo area behind the cab with a load capacity of 88 litres within an area measuring 1630 x 1350 x 415mm.
It is the story of a roaming traveller carrying his possessions on his back, 'a swagman'who steals sheep (jumbucks)) and gets into trouble with the law.