jump at

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jump at

(intr, preposition) to be glad to accept: I would jump at the chance of going.
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يُسارِعُ في إنتِهاز الفُرْصَه
skočit na
gleypa viî
balıklama atlamaküstüne atlamak

w>jump at

vi +prep obj person (lit)anspringen; (fig)anfahren; objectzuspringen auf (+acc); offersofort zugreifen bei, sofort ergreifen; suggestionsofort aufgreifen; chancesofort beim Schopf ergreifen
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(dʒamp) verb
1. to (cause to) go quickly off the ground with a springing movement. He jumped off the wall / across the puddle / over the fallen tree / into the swimming-pool; Don't jump the horse over that fence!
2. to rise; to move quickly (upwards). She jumped to her feet; He jumped into the car.
3. to make a startled movement. The noise made me jump.
4. to pass over (a gap etc) by bounding. He jumped the stream easily.
1. an act of jumping. She crossed the stream in one jump.
2. an obstacle to be jumped over. Her horse fell at the third jump.
3. a jumping competition. the high jump.
4. a startled movement. She gave a jump when the door suddenly banged shut.
5. a sudden rise, eg in prices. There has been a jump in the price of potatoes.
ˈjumpy adjective
nervous; easily upset. He has been very jumpy and irritable lately.
jump at
to take or accept eagerly. He jumped at the chance to go to Germany for a fortnight.
jump for joy
to show great pleasure.
jump on
to make a sudden attack on. He was waiting round the corner and jumped on me in the dark.
jump the gun
to start before the proper time. We shouldn't be going on holiday till tomorrow, but we jumped the gun and caught today's last flight.
jump the queue
to move ahead of others in a queue without waiting for one's proper turn. Many wealthy or important people try to jump the queue for hospital beds.
jump to conclusions / jump to the conclusion that
to form an idea without making sure of the facts. He saw my case in the hall and jumped to the conclusion that I was leaving.
jump to it
to hurry up. If you don't jump to it you'll miss the train.
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He could not backbite, nor envy, nor prevaricate, nor jump at mean motives for generous acts.
Reffet did his first parachute jump at age 15 while Fugen did his when he was 10.
She burst on the scene as a seventh-grader, finishing sixth in the triple jump at the Central Mass.