jump down

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w>jump down

viherunterhüpfen or -springen (from von); to jump down somebody’s throatjdn anfahren, jdm dazwischenfahren (inf); jump down!spring or hüpf (runter)!
References in classic literature ?
When he 'took the sun, and with the help of "The Old Farmer's" almanac found the latitude, Harvey would jump down into the cabin and scratch the reckoning and date with a nail on the rust of the stove-pipe.
Dance told me to jump down and knock, and Dogger gave me a stirrup to descend by.
How often did Boxtel, in the midst of tortures which no pen is able fully to describe, -- how often did he feel an inclination to jump down into the garden during the night, to destroy the plants, to tear the bulbs with his teeth, and to sacrifice to his wrath the owner himself, if he should venture to stand up for the defence of his tulips!
The Scarecrow lay flat upon the ground and called to the man to jump down upon his body, which was soft because it was stuffed with straw.
Tell him, when he theeth that gig clothe by, to jump down, and it'll take him off at a rattling pathe.
The quick-thinking 26-year-old from Rhuddlan told how she was forced to grab her little girl and jump down steps as the waltzer car hurtled towards them.
I just saw the paramedics jump down after it landed and they ran," said an onlooker.
But it took a while for me to jump down, because I had trouble looking for the people who were supposed to catch me.
She starts the week with alter ego Ellie telling her to jump down stairs to convince Dr Bailey she's had a miscarriage.
Backpacker extraordinaire Mark Cox's adventures have seen him walk a plank above a 7,000ft drop, jump down a waterfall and eat tarantulas.
I ran to the main stand where I reckoned I could climb a wall and jump down into the tunnel.
Mason was sitting on a branch and decided to jump down when his younger brother shouted for him, but he somehow managed to get the rope caught round his neck, acting like a noose.