jump in

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w>jump in

vihineinspringen; (fig)eingreifen; jump in! (to car) → steig ein!; (at swimming pool etc) → spring rein!
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Jump In Trampoline Parks said it had "reluctantly decided to step back" from its plan to create a new trampoline park in a vacant warehouse at the Earlplace Business Park just off the A45.
Birthday jump-ins are a good way to involve lots of players: Everyone chants the months ('January, February, March', and so on) and players jump in when their birthday month is called.
electric cooperative, has seen a significant jump in the amount of theft taking place at its substations.
Three slayings and a jump in reported burglaries and thefts in 2001 contributed to Santa Clarita's fall from sixth to eighth place on the list, which ranked 236 U.
This week operator Jump In announced plans to create one at the Earlplace Business Park in Tile Hill.
Leaving the engine running while being out of the car is not only an offence but also gives quick-witted crooks the opportunity to jump in the vehicle and drive off.
PALMDALE - Two plain-clothes detectives will be put to work tracking burglars after an 18 percent jump in home break-ins, officials said Monday.
Operator Jump In has revealed plans to open a facility at the Earlplace Business Park, just off the A45, in Tile Hill.