jumping bean

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jump·ing bean

A seed of certain Mexican plants, especially of the genus Sebastiania, containing the larva of a tortricid moth whose movements cause the seed to jerk or roll.

jumping bean

(Zoology) a seed of any of several Mexican euphorbiaceous plants, esp species of Sebastiania, that contains a moth caterpillar whose movements cause it to jerk about

jump′ing bean`

the seed of any of certain Mexican plants of the genera Sebastiania and Sapium, of the spurge family: the movements of a moth larva inside the seed cause it to move about or jump.
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Noun1.jumping bean - seed of Mexican shrubs of the genus Sebastiana containing the larva of a moth whose movements cause the bean to jerk or tumblejumping bean - seed of Mexican shrubs of the genus Sebastiana containing the larva of a moth whose movements cause the bean to jerk or tumble
genus Sebastiana, Sebastiana - Mexican spurges
seed - a small hard fruit
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The girls were every bit as memorable - Harriet Slater was the beating heart of the show with her wonderfully warm performance as Janet; Molly Logan got plenty of laughs as the formidably shouty Scot Barbara; and Aryana Ramkhalawon's Pam was a lovely jumping bean of irrepressible excitement.
Let's Learn Spanish" is a fun introduction to the joy of learning to speak a new language, with the assistance of Pete the Pilot and Panchito, a Mexican jumping bean. Pete the Pilot greets children with his plane and explains his job is to fly kids around the world to visit new places and make new friends.
Craig understands the importance of understatement, unlike fist-pumping jumping bean Bruno Tonioli, and Darcey Bussell is the class act, always talking sense.
The postwar slick titles like Jumping Bean, Portrait of a Flirt, and their like still fall well on the ear and there are Leroy Anderson, and David Rose from the USA and Moonlight on the Alster to remind us that Light music is international.
"This is incredible." And for the next half hour or so--like a jumping bean, unable to contain myself--I told him about the lunch.
She was like a jumping bean all morning and I have to admit I had a big tear in my eye as she got up and accepted her award.
One company that's taken advantage of the tenant-friendly programs at the ITC is Spin Master Ltd, the North American distributor for the Mighty Beanz, the Australian-manufactured jumping bean that looks set to be on every child's gift list this Christmas.
Far too many banks are expert in the practice of "Mexican Jumping Bean Marketing." They try an ad or two, jump to direct mail, they do nothing, and then get out a newsletter (only one, of course).
I was promptly told the jumping bean thing was to be used to "protect principles and make the bodyguard hard to hit by incoming fire." Ub, huh.
Rivera was recently having lunch at Cafe Jumping Bean, a sandwich and coffee shop at 1439W.