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1. Land covered with a dense growth of tropical vegetation.
2. A dense thicket or growth.
3. A dense, confused mass; a jumble.
4. Something made up of many confused elements; a bewildering complex or maze: sorting through the jungle of regulations.
5. A place or milieu characterized by intense, often ruthless competition or struggle for survival: the corporate jungle.
6. Slang A place where hoboes camp.

[Ultimately from Sanskrit jaṅgalam, desert, wasteland, uncultivated area, from jaṅgala-, desert, waste.]

jun′gly (-glē) adj.
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Adj.1.jungly - overgrown with tropical vegetation
wooded - covered with growing trees and bushes etc; "wooded land"; "a heavily wooded tract"
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Boggley Wollah is situated in a fine, lonely, marshy, jungly district, famous for snipe-shooting, and where not unfrequently you may flush a tiger.
Below, it is a swampy, jungly region, full of snakes, insects, and fever.
I'm sat in the doorway to my tent, which overlooks a wide river flanked on the far side by a cliff face topped with jungly fig trees.
NNA - Minister of Telecommunications, Mohammad Choucair, on Tuesday received Armenian ambassador to Lebanon, Vahagn Atabekian, South Korean Ambassador, Jungly Chua, and Tunisian Ambassador, Karim Boudali, with who he broached the best means to bolster bilateral relations at the economic level.
Visually, it's much more like Thailand, it's very lush and green and jungly."
This Indonesian island lends a certain charm and allure that have 'long lured foreigners, from surfers in the '70s to Eat-Pray-Lovers in the mid-aughts, with its jungly interior beauty, volcanic-sand beaches, and incense-filled rituals of Balinese Hinduism.'
The welcoming English-speaking nation of Malaysia comes in two main parts - the sophisticated peninsula bit ending in Singapore, and the jungly bit over on Borneo, a huge island part-shared with Indonesia.
There were even claims that he reportedly fled to India and lived a life of a hippy named "Jungly Barry."
Jungly Tails, Pet Tails, Farm Tails or, as featured below, Dino Tails!
Ivy and yellow flowers mat the roofs as if burped out by the jungly chimneys, and at the end of the season their children come in droves, shrill and, like glassy parlor curiosities, blind.
On top of that, the Paraguayan government, basically at the same time Instructor Zero was presumed to have been in the country's jungly northeast, took measures to strengthen its military ties with Great Britain, Israel, and South Korea.