junior high

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Noun1.junior high - a secondary school usually including 7th and 8th grades
Gymnasium, lycee, lyceum, middle school, secondary school - a school for students intermediate between elementary school and college; usually grades 9 to 12
nižja gimnazija
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Junior High Girls' Volleyball, 7th grade Harrisburg Tour.
I was the only counselor in a small junior high school with no counselor mentor and no one to share my concerns.
Dogwood Junior High School is hosting the yearly Stardust Dance, a night when the ordinary school cafeteria is decorated like a glittering wonderland.
More than 70% of elementary and junior high school teachers are unhappy with a new system for evaluating students' academic achievements, according to an education ministry survey released Wednesday.
MTNA Junior High School Brass Competition, sponsored by Conn-Selmer, Inc.
Jou Min Lin submitted his Min Ho Elementary School and Min Ho Junior High School as one project, because they are only a few minutes apart and have much in common in their construction.
About 48% of second-year junior high school students know there are sexually explicit sites on the Internet and 10% have actually seen them, according to a survey by a Japanese parents and teachers association released Friday.
April 1993: "Parents of 46 Brea Junior High honor students are upset because the White House has refused to let them get a special guided tour of the president's house when the students come to Washington in two weeks.
Academically, Francis is not as strong as Thomas Jefferson Junior High School, which is less than a mile from the White House in Southeast Washington.
Youngsters often experience a decline in self-esteem as they enter their adolescent years, a time marked by the abrupt move from the relatively cloistered confines of elementary school to the more complex social and academic demands of junior high.