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A member of the Prussian landed aristocracy, a class formerly associated with political reaction and militarism.

[German, from Middle High German junchērre, page, squire, from Old High German junchērro : junc, young; see yeu- in Indo-European roots + hērro, lord; see Herr.]

Jun′ker·dom n.


n. Slang
A old car or truck in poor condition.


1. (Historical Terms) history any of the aristocratic landowners of Prussia who were devoted to maintaining their identity and extensive social and political privileges
2. an arrogant, narrow-minded, and tyrannical German army officer or official
3. (Historical Terms) (formerly) a young German nobleman
[C16: from German, from Old High German junchērro young lord, from junc young + hērro master, lord]
ˈJunkerdom n
ˈJunkerism n


(ˈdʒʌŋ kər)

n. Informal.
a car that is old or in bad enough repair to be scrapped.


(ˈyʊŋ kər)

1. a member of a politically conservative class of Prussian landowners who formerly dominated the government and army of Germany.
2. a German official or military officer who is narrow-minded and overbearing.
[1545–55; < German; Old High German junchērro=junc young + hērro Herr]
Jun′ker•dom, n.
Jun′ker•ism, n.
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Noun1.Junker - member of the Prussian aristocracy noted especially for militarism
Prussian - a German inhabitant of Prussia
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Although the cultural flowers that would bloom during the Weimar Period were already growing before the war, the stifling atmosphere of Prussian Junkerdom kept these accomplishments in check.
Even in East Prussia, bastion of feudal Junkerdom, locally-born noblemen made up only half of the captains of regiments stationed in that province, while elsewhere the proportion could be as low as ten per cent.