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One who goes on a junket or junkets.


(ˌdʒʌŋ kɪˈtɪər)
1. a person who goes on junkets.
2. to go on a junket.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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Verb1.junketeer - go on a pleasure trip
jaunt, travel, trip - make a trip for pleasure
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The report came after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a 'starvation diet' on foreign trips in the executive branch and went on a firing spree against junketeering government officials.
In fact, it was only in 2011 that they did away with the 'Second VP' post which guaranteed you 12 years of unrelenting junketeering on the way to the throne - four years on each step.
The radical who promised so much morphed into a political parasite worse than any junketeering Fianna Failer.
In a recent piece for Foreign Policy magazine, she accused Zardari of " junketeering" while Pakistan drowns.
Whether Kaghan was ousted out of deference to McCarthy and the senator's aides Roy Cohn and David Schine, whom Kaghan famously derided as "junketeering gumshoes," or whether McLeod forced his resignation out of his own expansive notions of what constituted a security risk, is not quite clear.
Are we ready to retire the old bugaboo that any American mayor better think twice before visiting a foreign city--that the press back home will pillory him or her for "junketeering"?
Maybe it is about time for Minister Harney to look at her priorities and call a halt to the junketeering which has rotted the heart of Ireland's political establishment.
The hotel, which is nearing completion, promises to offer specially designed suites and taping rooms replete with fiber-optic cable and flexible walls that will make it the global center of junketeering. Junkets presently are centered at the Four Seasons, where stars must trundle from room to room, chased by packs of rabid reporters, and where generators are always popping on and off and film crews seem in a permanent panic.
"Are we expected to take the king of junketeering seriously when he makes a statement about a problem he should have tackled years ago?
During the mid-1990s, Saipan was also a very popular tourist destination for junketeering congressmen, as well as for journalists, analysts for Washington-based think tanks, and other key opinion molders.
As A DEVOTED STUDENT OF creative junketeering, I must express my admiration for Robert J.