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One who goes on a junket or junkets.


(ˌdʒʌŋ kɪˈtɪər)
1. a person who goes on junkets.
2. to go on a junket.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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Verb1.junketeer - go on a pleasure trip
jaunt, travel, trip - make a trip for pleasure
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Just because their previous extra pay privileges were withheld, the CSC thus rightly pointed to the obvious lapses of the BI in doing this duty as the ultimate gatekeepers against junketeers in government.
Malacanang is looking to trim the budget of agencies under the Office of the President (OP)-to prevent officials from going on unnecessary trips abroad-as part of President Duterte's crackdown on junketeers.
At times competing with national government executives for the most number of trips abroad, local government officials are exempted from President Rodrigo Duterte's crusade against junketeers among public servants.
Vividly manifesting Whitehead's attachment to popular culture so often remarked on by critics, this section of the text narrates the firsthand impressions of this event, commonly seen as marking the end of the spirit of the 1960s, by one of J's fellow junketeers, Dave Brown.
After the junketeers left, the skipper summoned Cmdr.
Consumer and trade reporters, fanboys, junketeers, celebrity gossip-seekers and a few old-style critics fill the room, with questions of interest to one constituency virtually useless to most of the others.
The first was back in May 2010 when a brave band of Junketeers traipsed around Cardiff city centre getting on roundabouts.
The ticket fiasco typifies the way they have been hijacked by jobsworths and junketeers.
MAIL TODAY was the first to report about the CWG junketeers, including those who made it to the Beijing Olympics as the observer group, and had pointed out that there were many in the trip who, sooner or later, had little role to play in the CWG preparations.
The bulk of the people going to the races were not corporate junketeers in search of a free day out on the booze.
But in tough financial times like these -- with local governments planning massive service cuts and fee hikes -- junketeers are all the more obligated to prove that their field trips are truly worth the public's money.
Whether it was his dim view of the managerial qualities of Mick McCarthy or his aversion to the prawn sandwich brigade of corporate junketeers he felt were invading his beloved Old Trafford, Roy gave us all the benefit of his opinions.