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n. pl. jun·tos
A small, usually secret group united for a common interest.

[Alteration of junta.]
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(ˈdʒʊntəʊ; ˈdʒʌn-)
n, pl -tos
a variant of junta2
[C17: variant of junta]
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(ˈdʒʌn toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
a self-appointed committee, esp. with political aims; cabal.
[1635–45; alter. of junta]
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Junta, Junto

 a group of men united together for some secret intrigue. See also cabal, conspiracy.
Examples: junto of divines, 1641; of gods, 1659; of wise men; of ministers, [political]; of shrubs, 1671; of wits.
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Noun1.junto - a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue
clique, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, camp, pack - an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
cabalist - a member of a cabal
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And from this time began an intrigue between his majesty and a junto of ministers, maliciously bent against me, which broke out in less than two months, and had like to have ended in my utter destruction.
But its real operation is to embarrass the administration, to destroy the energy of the government, and to substitute the pleasure, caprice, or artifices of an insignificant, turbulent, or corrupt junto, to the regular deliberations and decisions of a respectable majority.
But in hours of trial the junto of man's nature is dissolved, and anarchy succeeds.
NOTRE DAME, Ind: Notre Dame Federal Credit Union is the first and only Indiana credit union to be awarded the prestigious national Juntos Avanzamos designation for its commitment to serving and empowering Hispanic and immigrant consumers.
Originally launched in 2005 by the Texas Credit Union League as an immigrant outreach program, the Juntos Avanzamos designation was developed to enable credit unions to attract and serve Latino members.
Poz-Molesky went on to found her group, JUNTOS, as a sophomore in The Ailey School's Fordham University BFA program, at a time when she says she was trying to find her artistic identity.